Is this the world esoteric buddhist fascism wanted…??//Outsourcing Repression

The degeneration of buddhism has been so total that it appears to have been a source of fascism/nazism..A century later the world is victimized by fascist legacies which, fortunately its adherents are too unintelligent if not braindead to even imitate.

Lets hear no more about buddhist compassion, boddhisatwas fanatic about their business of unenlightenment stooping to fascism, and claptrap social reconstruction under buddhist terms: if it failed in Tibet, it will fail everywhere.

It takes time: people are not used to considering buddhists thugs and fascists, and the mass of new american converts is mostly clueless and innocent. They should on their way soon. The future of buddhism is…there is no future…
Warn naive converts to buddhism, who wasn’t one decades ago in the seventies, to move on and not get caught up in the Mahayana/boddhisattwas racket. Seek enlightenment, period. The future of corrupt buddhism is visible in figures like the degenerate Trungpa, save that he is still a complete outsider run by hidden and unknown shadow figure.
These figures want to sabotage modernity and democracy and exploit their drones and then blame their dead/drone fascists. They want the damage to be beyond repair, and one fears it is as countries like Brazil get the flotsam versioni of the original. Night of the living dead got it kinda right.
Don’t let them get away with it.
The picture of global politics as in Brazil is pathetic. For religious buddhists to wish that and worse on the global public is atrocious.
Hinduism is possibly worse but unlike buddhism which has one founder and therefore one absolute authority it is disperse with hundreds to thousands of authority sources and could never be organized in the same way as buddhism: we see at once an open flaw in buddhist religious legacies.
It remains true that complete idiots, hindu or otherwise an always be organized into a pack of fanatics, but that result would never have any lasting structure…

Source: Outsourcing Repression

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