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In fact, is that right? spiritual fascism has been endemic and lingering in the west/globally for centuries. But there was a strange resurgence or reamplification in the seventies behind the brouhaha of the new age movement…
So we have wonder what we are seeing with Trump: many of his ‘symptoms’ are suggestively artificial creations in a botched effort to create a fascist milieu and a new kind of dictator, etc…
Globally the phenomenon of the new right is insidious and ultimately related.
Figures like Rajneesh clearly anticipated much of this with his period of indirect fascist promotion in the seventies and his slightly veiled admiration for dictators, something we now see in Trump.
Once you become aware (not likely, …!) of the potential of occult mindcontrol drastic suspicions arise with a figure like Trump, over and above the quite different Putin connection and that ‘mystery’. It is within the powers of various guru/sufi/buddhist occultists to control the behavior of Trump-like figures et al.
The puzzle ultimately is what ever happened to the buddhist sangha? A movement devoted to compassion in the end became a zombie collective next to the still remaining mystery of Tibetan buddhism.

We need a new reformation beyond the usual new age flotsam, not easy because unlike Luther proponents of such are at risk.

New age occult fascism was (re)born in the seventies ‘Trungpa’ era and needs a strong counterattack…and an end to the guruism/sufism mystique/authority

Source: – The Gurdjieff Con

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