Saying goodbye to sufism…(and islam, christianity…)

If we haven’t made that point clear yet, wouldn’t know what to say. We can see both the problem and its expose in the coming of gurdjieff (and Blavatsky to some extent.
The sufi world is especially confusing and insidious. Much in that world is innocuous, but the whole realm is entirely obscure and treacherous. Sufis seem to often become criminals, and Ouspensky’s denunciation of Gurdjieff as a criminal was classic, and almost fatal for ‘ouspensky’ as he recincarnated yet was still not free of the shadow world you would think reincarnation would free you from. These people might make you aware of your past lives to justify punishing you (you can’t do that if someone is totally asleep). Punishes by criminals? Gurus like Gurdjieff demanded absolute total obedience, and we see a version in the way that nazis later imitated that somehow.
You might ask, why are corrupt people armed with spiritual powers and harmless idiots without? C’mon, you haven’t read Lord of the Rings, apparently.
And it seems like criminal get all the baraka, while pious fools end up victims.

You cannot safely move in that world without special connections or prior awareness and occult knowledge. Exoteric sufism gives no warning nor any help. And all the sanitized glad mouth westerm sufi guides you now see on Youtube are simply question marks, and no doubt fronts. It actually is rare for the crooks to more than harmless cranks, so that is a factor of safety. And good victims are rare too: but a good victim is also rare, and a priceless milking cow, til he has to be liquidated. What a sad fate, to never find out.

We have suggested derisively abandoning paths but taking up a disguised ‘raja yoga’ as an iron in the fire even as you self-debrief away from gurus, sheiks, lamas, etc… and face the fact that if you are to learn you are on your own. The point here is that exotic mysticism is a designed muddle. Classic statements like raja yoga point beyond themselves to the originals that emerged still uncorrupted in the Neolithic or before. There is a sufi anterior in the now mostly lost ‘path of the will’ beside the yogic path of being, and you might catch a glimpse of that long lost issue in a figure like Bennett in his the Dramatic Universe. But that books is hopelessly flawed and connected to the very corrupt sufis we have pointed to. But originally it points to the deep source of Samkhya, not the current hindu version.
You can get the gist of the path of will from the path of being, and without the cryptic ego of the ‘will’ factor (which is a prime candidate for unvultuation by the ‘Hitler’ assembly lines manufacturing monstrosities, ripe for trumpian politics…
Adopting a mephisto guru to hold your hand on the ‘way’ is a joke in bad taste at this point.
If you are already infected with sufi virus, abjure it, flip the bird, reverse front and fart, move on and don’t look back even as the ‘dark horseman pursue frodo”, that could be you.

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