What is the sufi mafia, and who are their victims…?

The prejudice and and narrowness of islam has made the realm of sufism problematical, but the larger world of sufism is very ambiguous and it moves outside of the boundaries of islam and enters a space where it seems more like a bastard nietzcheanism that a mystic cult.
The outer fringe puts innocent seekers at risk because they can be exploited in a void. They have given themselves away as ‘willing’, taken as signing a blank check, but rejected and thus exploitable under the cover of being outsiders.

What a dreadful fate for innocent mustics. Time to move beyond sufism once and for all.

There is a sordid joke: who is a sufi? those who join movement or those who are rejected?
While being a reject is a clever disguise it can also be cover: what easier victim to exploit than an unsuspecting reject: he has given his

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