Do spiritual paths exist? Sufism, hatha yoga, cultic entrapment, gangster gurus, …there are no paths…left..?

In fact, they don’t, on the level of new age movements and gurus…You would do well to be wary of all such movements: they become exploitations almost inevitably. Consider that ‘yogis’ of yore renounced the world, moved into forests and moved anonymously beyond society . It may still be possible there, but meditation (cf. the mindfulness racket) is being coopted into something grotesque…
The so-called paths peddled now are junk. Look at hatha yoga, and its fate as a diet fad. It is gross. Give it a wide berth. Meditation is now a way to relax… Beside that they have a dark side.
Don’t panic, the bad guys who can do real harm are few in number, mostly everyone is ‘this ape’ doing yoga…
All the paths have suffered similar fates. And figures like Gurdjieff, and his imitators like E J Gold use ‘paths’ as fronts for insidious forms of exploitation. Keep in mind that Ouspensky, the prime source for much new age cultism, denounced his own source as criminal.

Lie low, and don’t come to the attention of the crooks and you conceivably ply a concealed path: just pay attention in life, that is probably all the path you will get… Sit down and study clicheed Raja Yoga: the elements of the ‘path’ are ancient, primordial and on record. Best of luck with RY: but at least it is an honest historical account.
But note something that Rajneesh said: Vivekananda remained uprealized because Ramakhrisna suppressed his enlightenment to keep him on a short leash.
So the main guy on that is fake. And watch out for the ghost of Ramakhrisna…

Actually it seems the problem emerges with the great religions, islam, christianity: they are mechanical cults and they exist without consciousness or real development, they social politics of mechanical fake religiosity. Even buddhism becomes a mechanical front, and it is a corrupt fascist entity now.
We have lost religions, paths, gurus, yogas, no wonder people take refuge in secular life.

Be clever, lie low, change the labels of raja yoga, and if you run into the ghost of ramakhrisna, flip the bird….

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