Steering clear of sufism…warn the next generation of suckers…

Googling sufism:

Sufism, mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God.

Such statements are google filler and pure crap…can you imagine people like Gurdjieff or Gold plying anything remotely resembling such garbage… Such sufis can be dangerous…
Look carefully at the Gurdjieff corpus: it is mostly nonsense…A puzzle in itself: Gurdjieff has a huge opportunity, but he could not be honest about what he did, as Ouspenksy found out.
What a waste…meanwhile, most of the material requires severe caution, much of it is simply made up.
A pity, since his use of classic Samkhya could have been a really useful study.

.The sufi brotherhoods in islamic countries are a question mark for outsiders, but the external world of sufis can be very treacherous, do NOT enter, join, or get entangled with such things. It is not worth it. The ‘path’ is such cases can be a mystification with fatal consequences. All the sufis I met were crooks, and the pious ones doing mystical islam in muslim countries mostly sunday school types.

It is dangerous to even go near such external mostly phony sufism/sufis, granting that a lot, a majority of people who don’t know better clog the movements and are harmless by default: it takes a lot of time and effort plus occult knowledge to be a sufi bad guy, so the idiots outnumber those who control and exploit innocent beginners.

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