Elst’s confusion on Aryan invasion theory…//#Koenraad Elst || #Aryan_Invasion_Theory Is Nothing But A Big #Fraud – YouTube

The issue of ‘aryan’ culture is of course controversial but Elst has consistently failed to grasp the issue.
Aryan invasion theory, perhaps in a more intelligent form, is not open to the kind of refutation we see now in the typical versions of Out of India muddle. The old blogs, Darwiniana, and The Gurdjieff Con discussed this question ad infinitum and we may need to replicate that here. The emergence of Indo-European languages somewhere in central asia and its spread to multiple regions and thence its differentiation into many languages can’t be easily refuted by the often silly arguments of the OIT (out of india) nonsense. That vedic sanskrit somehow existed millennia ago in india and then spread out of india is complete nonsense.
The diffusion of indo-european languages is not simple but we would hard-pressed to try and refute this thesis.
The question can be clarified by comparing Vedic and Homeric Greek in the context of the two parallel cultural diffusions of peoples.
But the frequent racist interpretations here are of course totally wrong.
The issue of yoga and indian religion is again totally confused. This situation leads some to a chauvinist equation of yoga and indo-european culture which is another fallacy. The ‘invading’ aryans did not invent yoga and the confusing way in which we see sanskrit as the foundation of yogic spirituality completely confuses us.
The question is tricky but the classic indic religious forms existed before the indo-european phase, and all the original sutra forms were almost certainly in different languages prior to the entry of indo-european. more later…

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