The Enlightenment, the modern transition, and the confusions of postmodernism

The Enlightenment, the modern transition, and the confusions of postmodernism

The blockquote is the post from yesterday. There has been a huge confusion over the ‘postmodern’ question, trying to savage the enlightenement. But postmodernism always missed the point that ‘decline from the enlightenment’ was the real problem. World history and the Eonic Effect fought this battle for many years and was one of the key texts inducing the passing of postmodernism.
Is there a postmodern age?

Another issues was the obsession in New Age circles with the postmodern antimodernism, as a reactionary religious theme (also strong in some rightwing Xtian groups).
WHEE, here again, was one of the strongest counters to this, and that thematic is close to dying out (after Ken Wilbur, reading my material, sounded a new keynote).
New Ages

The ‘eonic model’ is a very simple finite transition model applied to world history and shows the modern transition, so called, in a larger context in world history. The keynote of the Enlightenment lies in the climax point of that transition: check out the online book.

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