Raja Yoga, and the realm of dead gurus, bardos, dark side operators….

Our discussion of Raja Yoga is a depiction of a cautious failsafe, but the problem of hindu entanglement and guru invultuation, no failsafe at all. There are not many realized, so-called, gurus who enter the ‘dark side’ but the ones who do are truly deadly. The problem with these yogas is that you come to the attention of such entities and you probably have no means of self-defense. Raja yoga is a great freebie, but just so, in demand of your own key supplied.  But mafia gangsters some do yoga, without the yama/niyama. Look at Alesiter Crowley, that fake magician. His black magic hardly qualities…Be wary.

You need to be realized before you enter a path to enlightenment, nonsensical no doubt, and the term itself is problematical. The solution is simple: translate a stylized ‘raja yoga’ into your own language,mindful that you are probably an total idiot and won’t do it right. Ber wary of gurus: the guru already exists as information, cultural context, and indeed possible personal relationships. But never indulge in surrender games or protocols. The dangers are great: invultuation could result in your permanent loss of autonomy and something like drone slavery and worse long after you initial incarnation/contact. One has to wonder how many seekers are really drones of long dead gurus. Christians have this problem with a vengeance, and don’t know it. A compassionate exception? How would you know. I have met an awakened christian, frankly.

No true spiritual psychology exists yet, and while Patanjali is a must read, no doubt, the real nature of man, his psychology and disposition in relation to life AND death. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a great reminder of something missing, but it has been appropriated by corrupt gurus also.

The issue is what is the status of the ‘soul’, how navigate atman/brahman cliches, what is the status of dead gurus, will you evade their action beyond space/time, ….??

Tread warily.



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