Raja yoga as refuge

One of the reasons for our focus on raja yoga is to consider if there is a safe default refuge path for those trying to escape from the sufi demon/sheiks and/or any other infested path. People enter into boobytrapped sufi paths and may realize the need to escape.

All you can do is try.Lie low and get your work done before anyone knows who you are.

These figures would make short work of that, but there is a huge realm of honest yogis who will stand up to these two bit sufistic devils/gurus like gurdjieff and gold, but there is not much they can do. But there is a larger world that is

simply aware of what is going on and that can drive these phantoms away. world of yogis is as corrupt as any other, however…

The text of To Live Within, a yogi suddenly taking up the subject of gurdjieff should warn you that there is little refuge in yoga worlds. This Gurdjieff propaganda is insidious


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