the djinn racket…//Secret Talks with Mr. G.: To a Specially Formed Group as Recollected By His Pupils: E. J. Gold: 9780895560018: Books

This grotesque book points/hints at the danger of the Gurdjieff/Gold circle with its hidden infestation of ‘djinn’ magic and the demonology inflicted on ‘disciples’ long after they have disconnected from a public sphere or group. It is not clear what that means! Many of these formerlies are ‘food’, go insane, and find all their spiritual path work attacked from their own unconscious, a frightening state of affairs. I would charge these figures with themselves being the ‘djinn’, but that seems not to be the case.

Gold in his ignorant cunning spoke of the law of three and the ‘denying force’,effectively something related to this. Pure garbage, but it hardly matters this is a distortion ofthe law of three. Some equate the denying force with the demonic, with figures like gold embracing it.
Do gurus help anyone? Gold was once quoted as implying he would put every obstacle in the way of seekers, i.e. effective destroy spiritual paths…So much for the help of gurus. But most gurus haven’t the foggiest here. But the indic tradition is not this cunningly evil.
They are no public records for prior seekers, and their often dreadful fate goes unrecorded.

(We have recommended a totally stylized raja yoga as a totally boring, clicheed tract on raja yoga as fly paper for the demonic…).  (consider wallace Slater, Raja Yoga)

These demons are phantoms of the mind, but they appear as real entities that have all spiritual powers and use them against you.  For example, it is your will to meditate so you write on to do list, ‘I promise to meditate tomorrow at so and so time’. These entities can read this on the astral plane and have a juicy target oblivious to their immense spiritual powers. Note that, demons are successful occultists. They can do it all.

These days beliefs in the demonic are evidence of mental disturbance. The psychologists who say this are right about mental disturbance but wrong about the demonic, no doubt.

Did I make myself clear in ten years of blog posts? NEVER surrender to any guru, sheik, or spiritual entity. Does that include Jesus christ. For ordinary religious types, no, but it makes no difference. In some cases they can get help, at the price of being a passive and unconscious religious idiot. But the djinn entity will certainly take the form of jesus if that’s your game.
This does not claim to be the right interpretation of this book, but the smell of a rat pervades the gold farce/racket/ and ultimately the Gurdjieff realm…

We should have records of all previous gold (and gurdjieff) students. I interacted very briefly with that in the seventies of the last century.  The ‘curse’ didn’t take hold til much later.

These ‘gurus’ are fighting each other and I may have been mistaken for a potential guru myself. Fat chance there, but the elimination of rivals is hidden form view.

Rajneesh once noted that only 24 people in a given age period reach real enlightenment. Quite a scramble then for power. Nonsense, to be sure, but the moment you make serious progress in meditation you can be attacked out of the blue.

Buddha of course spoke of the demon Mara, whatever that meant.

the groupies doing Mcmindfulness are in  for a  nasty shock,


This is not the same as believing in the devil, which is derivative nonsense mythology.

But the resemblance is obvious.

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