The Atatürk Path to Islāmic Modernity –

It is remarkable that Ataturk banned sufi organizations in his modernization. Having seen sufis in action in the west I find them crypto-fascist, religiously malevolent, black magicians out to harm innocent people, adept at all sort of chicanery, and despite sermons on consciousness vampire of conscious energy to the greatest extent they can manage. And not one has a liberal strain: the ultra-reactionary strain that became visible in Ouspensky is their only political view: dam modernity and undermine completely…restore the absolute power of gurus and sheiks and etc etc puke blah blah puke…

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wouldn’t be a happy man today. He had led a revolutionary effort to transform a traditional Islāmic society into a confident modern state. Nearly a century after Atatürk, single-handedly, forced marched post-Ottoman Turkey to absolute secularism, his Islamist successors, are hellbent on overturning his legacy. I have often wondered what could have More

Source: The Atatürk Path to Islāmic Modernity –

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