Staying away from sufism…// Gold’s disinformation and hidden fascist malevolence…//The new age movement is dead and a liability to innocent beginners…

We have spent many years critiquing Gold (and Gurdjieff) and this has moved to a critique of sufism in general. Gold is a potentially dangerous pseudoguru who by his own words (the mafia rap) will spiritually murder certain persons. How did we get stuck with sufi gangsters? These psychologists studying Gold will never get it right.
Sufism hides an invisible cadre of dangerous entities who are de facto ‘cannibals’, slavers, and perpertrators or ritual sacrifice.  The ‘cannibals’ rip off the essence of the unsuspecting and leave empty persons behind. How many thousands of these lurk in every civilization in futile reincarnations?

Some of the sufistic outer temporary manifestations like Gurdjieff (who apparently abandoned sufism for his own affair) and Gold are bare indications but so surrounded by lies, disinformation and one deception after another as to to be almost indecipherable. Gold also is associated with the strange activity of jewish fascists who were a spinoff of one of this groups in the mid to late seventies. I passed briefly through that period but Gold so hated me that I was driven away fairly soon. After that the effect of his and other black magic was the source of paranoia and much psychic damage. You cannot speak as a victim without being called crazy, a great plus for the perpetrators.
Sufism is entangled with islam where yoga and hinduism are more or less independent. That makes sufism doubly dangerous for western outsiders who are blindsided by the hidden islamic fanaticism. Westerners are considered fair game for malevolent sufi/islamic desperadoes.

We should be vigilant to new age fascism, cf our archives and discussions of buddhism.


Gold, Gurdjieff and the fascist jew (Gold is surely such a fascist and has spoken of genocide in ambiguous terms) with his spin off group (never known in public) claim to be an instance of the ‘triad’ of ‘cases’ spoken of by Gurdjieff and clearly historically visible (supposedly) in the grand triad of John the Baptist, St. Paul and Jesus. That myth of the ‘sacred three’ is a Gurdjieff disclosure and given the psychopathy of the cases claiming this distinction I would put no credence to any of it save that the ancient instance seems credible.
But perhaps Gurdjieff was correct about antiquity: we have never deciphered the ‘triadic’ mystery of early christianity, assuming there is one. I never give much credence to Gurdjieff but he was right on one point: there are ancient mysteries about which we know little now. I think the spiritual traditions begin in the Neolithic (with some even in the paleolithic as seen in the distorted remnants of paleolithic shamanism????) and the hopeless controversy over ‘Out of India’ versus ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ can make sense if we consider that the original traditions in India were pre-aryan and in non-indo-european linguistic formats (or else oral traditions) and might well go back to Neolithic times (some of the references to astronomical incidents clearly date to millennia BCE). Taken carefully that is a reasonable hypothesis that suggests that the Aryans expropriated yoga. The point should be obvious from the Rig Veda and then the sudden appearance of yogic traditions in Indo-european. It is clear the whole thing was ripped off from indigenous peoples. The Rig Veda shows total ignorance of yoga. It is parallel to the world of the Iliad, very distantly but linguistically kin. The Out of India version is clearly nonsense.
I recommend entirely to keep away from all these formations of sufism and their monstrosities like subhuman specimen Gold and the reason for our discussion of raja yoga, somewhat febrile is merely to point to open paths. Raja yoga is a procedure, whatever might be missing, and however unsuccessful many are in a mechanized legacy (where gurus lurk in the same dangerous ways as in sufism). You can do raja yoga, and don’t need a guru: the ‘path’ is ancient in this way and an echo of the true primoridal yogas before their decay and occult corruption. In sufistic paths you can enter a process that is kept hidden from you in the name of esotericism and you are unwittingly made to agree to unspecified futures that can be truly dreadful and the question that has arisen over the last few decades is the possibility of ‘disappeared persons’ who entered these paths and then were basically forgotten ones in a system of exploitation. Civil liberties are not exactly a keynote of sufistic/gurdjieffian paths. A figure like Gold is almost impossible to figure out save by those who have ‘followed’ him over time only to find themselves ‘no longer a member’ and a hidden victim subject to any and all forms of occult manipulations and rip-off. It is impossible for outsiders to grasp the case. I had the merest moment of contact with the gold world but have suffered what i thought his black magic attacks over and over and over in successive years. You can’t return to protest: noone has the foggiest notion of who had prior contact and the ‘current groupies’ soon to be dismissed and dispersed will attack anyone who approaches gold terrain and drive them away or call the police in their paranoia and gold’s of assassins in revenge.
I think the whole sufi spectrum is played out and the curious semi-sufis like Gurdjieff (and Gold) need to be warned against.There is a whole movement now on Youtube of so-called western sufis: examine these people with great vigilance: a new generation of victims lurks in the background. These idiot western sufis are an investment and can b given marginal appearance of spiritual attainment to stoke the ‘return on investment/.”

Christianity and Islam can hide this kind of depravity and survive. They are both finished as religions.

Not a single successful case has ever been associated with Gurdjieff’s legacy. Gold is even worse, and his books are entirely worthless, not least the Secret Talks with Mr.G which is designed as usual to make no sense and be indecipherable.
link: (PDF) The Value of E. J. Gold: Unearthing the Real Mr G | Johanna Petsche –

3 thoughts on “Staying away from sufism…// Gold’s disinformation and hidden fascist malevolence…//The new age movement is dead and a liability to innocent beginners…

  1. I know nothing of Gold but I wonder why you write:

    ‘but have suffered what i thought his black magic attacks…’ Are you uncertain?

    As for Gurdjieff, the foundation appears to be dead men walking…but he had something…And there were perceptive people who were prepared to follow him and Mrs Salzmann.


  2. Whether I am certain or not, the public is uncertain…any such statement about occultism is taken as proof of insanity in conventional circles.

    The same can be said of Ouspensky, his main follower and the man who did more to spread Gurdjieff’s message than anyone else. But he turned against the man and called him a criminal…
    But because of Ouspensky and his famous ISOM text Gurdjieff has a huge global following.


    1. I am a little puzzled at your response. We have critiqued Gurdjieff on the net for over ten years and have three books in print on the subject. You express puzzlement that we criticize him. Clearly you haven’t read anything being said.
      We have hundreds of pages dealing with your non-question.What are you doing here/
      Are you a plant of some group?


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