Scholary idiocy misses the crowley acolyte murder inc dark side…do what thous wilt includin murder, torture, fascism, sacrifice, and slaver invultuation (a short list)

These reviews are misleading: they end up portraying someone as a ‘crazy wisdom’ teacher in the now current cliche. That’s bullshit. Gold is a dangerous Crowley style phony ‘magus’/magician/blackmagician with a do what thou wilt problem that gets a lot of people hurt.
Is he a hidden cannibal? does he do the kind of ritual sacrifice that pervades the Crowley corpus as a secret ‘rite’/right (do what they wilt: murder included)

The books indicated here are all trash. Gold is incapable of producing a decent or serious book if every paragraph is going to be disinfo.
Secret Talks is a cover for the vicious side of Gold, and Gurdjieff.

The whole game so strangely given some kind of academic discourse here is unsettling. These scholars don’t know the vicious creep behind the mask. Ditto for Gurdjieff.

Source: (PDF) The Value of E. J. Gold: Unearthing the Real Mr G | Johanna Petsche –

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