New Age reactionary antimodernists…

The new age movement hasn’t produced any real platform or any social liberals or democrats/socialists. The reason is their sources are almost always reactionary anti-modernists who don’t believe in freedom, democracy, or free societies. The point is clear with Gurdjieff whose disciple Ouspensky was a rank reactionary preaching the law of caste a la the Code of Manu. That is almost incredible but new agers so-called need to face reality here. The whole idea of a Kali Yuga is caught up in that view: the modern world is some kind of degenerate endstate. The realm of these reactionaries is somehow grotesque.

The New Age movement should be dismissed and recreated around the modern left and the experience its own reformation and recasting for the future. That is probably impossible in its current forms which are soon going to fall to pieces. Goodbye to all of it.




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