Raja yoga feint…exposed…Gautama, the demon Mara, …what is meditation?

The student might develop his own raja yoga: follow the principles, but camouflaged, low key…With any luck the universe has never heard of you and you can develop on the sly…
But in the end raja yoga may be too mechanized by its history and repetition to produce consciousness.
Break old habits…

We promoted raja yoga here as a feint: ye olde Rajneesh once said in one of his three hundred books that Vivekananda never reached enlightenment because Ramakrishna kept him on a short leash and blocked his final realization. That is so outrageous that we adopted a raja yoga initiative as bait to see if we summon the ghost of ramakrishna to see what’s what. It may have worked but without my realizing it.
I think that while that seems nonsense the reality is that ‘paths’ are all done against a backdrop of astral plane entities of unknown character but warned of in the various books of the dead…
Since Raya yoga was stolen ultimately from cave men in the first ‘paths’ the men of India have no ultimately claim to it either in itself or as a hindu fetish, indeed his highness Modi who does hatha yoga is perhaps a closet raja yogi but probably too stupid to make any sense of it.

We need to steal the subject and rewrite itas an independent ‘global path’ in a mode of camouflaged sutra creation. Putting it online in a blog is not camouflage but we can do it out in the open and warned the reader to skulk away with our product and recamouflage it for his own path.

This seems odd but anyone who has passed through the sufi dark zone (I am not a sufi, but I have met sufi cannibals) becomes wary of doing a path out in the open. It may attract the ghost(s) of Ramakhrishna or something dark. EJ Gold once confessed he would do everything he could to put obstacles in the way of your path, and his milieu can do that beyond space so you will niver figure it out, as your path suddenly fades out or encouters demonic hallucination. Why on earth would those who play guru do anti-guru ploys…
We can take a fairly good piece of raja yoga crude, Wallace Slater’s text which i got a Amazon for fifty cents. it has ten lessons to be done over a year. I would rather do the whole book in under ten days/hours and just crib the key stuff: Day 1, Chapter 1,” To summarize:
1. Thinking about non-violence and purity of mind and emotions, the first restraint (yama) and first discipline (niyama)
2 the relaxation posture (lying down and trying to relax..)
3. the basic breath exercise(plain simple breathing)

The ethical starting point is a unique and no doubt hypocritical stance, but its original context is important. But one should note that criminals of all kinds can do raja yoga and skip this first lesson. Consider Aleister Crowley who did raja yoga in full yet without the yama/niyama…it must be so. He was a strange kind of psychopath who actually crucified a frog once in a magical ritual. Egad…Are we in bad company with raja yoga too?
One comouflage: for yama you can pose as a student of Kant studying his moral treatise, which might show a path to a new yoga using modern concepts: kantianism would be a splendid disguise…

We will the issue there: our approach might prove helpful: Our point is that the current mindfulness movement and the promo of meditation in that context has lost the subject. Meditation is not a form of relaxation of the hyped idiocy of the mindfulness propaganda. Gautama got into a monumental struggle with the demon Mara: or perhaps the ‘inner demons’ of his own unconscious, to pitch modern versus jargon…

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