Trump, fascism and his occult handlers?

Trump is a distraction, one itself distracted by fantasy fascism. Trump can’t manage it, but he is serving his occult masters well enough as a torpedo into american democracy…

He is oblivious to his own tactics and is no doubt a big disappointment to the gurus and sufi gangsters who are conspiring against democracy…But  he is ‘succeeding’ as he fails…

now the US is about to lose its post office. All in a fascist’s days work, the counterrevolution in driblets of chaos…

In the context the new age movement is a farce, a front, and a dangerous trap …we tried

to suggest that a disguised raja yoga could be an invisible path, for at this point THERE ARE NO PATHS, they are merely fronts for various gurus…even raja yoga as we saw is menaced by ghostly bardo fixers, the ‘what is that’ Ramakhrishna who destroyed the fountainhead of raja yoga in the west.

But raja yoga belongs to noone, and indeed the indic paths which go back to the neolithic are easily leapfrogged: you see a stream of ‘paths’ going back many millennia and in that context the modern new age movement is already a deterioration of the Axial Age versiioning. Buddha is a goner, hinduism in a goner, sufism is a non-entity, it doesn’t exist except as flypaper for occult predators.

The neolithic version of raja yoga is no known but whatever it is it is not controlled by late flotsam like ramakhrishna.

The issue is simple and known to cave men: onepointedness is an occasional state for man as homo sapiens. That state is the starting point for the cave man/paleolithic/neolithic version of coming to primitive samadhi which you will have to find by trial and error even as you flip the bird to the grotesque flotsam gurus plying their fascist attacks with new age groupie drones against the modern age, a truly Quijote-esque venture against the windmills. Thus you leap from the Piscean age garbage dump of hinduism..

Raja yoga? never heard of it. Don’t mention it again.



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