reinventing raja yogas…

Writing off raja yoga is not the same as giving up on meditation: but the latter you must reinvent, and there that legacy might be helpful. But a huge number of people perform this yoga, and almost always with no result. It seems a closed world that is monopolized by unseen ‘yogis’ behind yogis.
Visions of the demon Mara are nonsense (n’est-ce pas?): the real danger is the gurus themselves who often sabotage any one gets close to enlightenment. And the moment you reinvent you are likely to go astray. But the west has no other real option. Rajneesh called the enlightenment field one of 24 people per ‘age period’ (???). There would clearly be a competition among those in the game and they might sabotage beginners out of paranoia. Idiocy. It couldn’t work, most clearly self-eliminate.
Rajneesh wasn’t enlightened, as far as one can determine, but why go to so much trouble to pretend? He was a pretty good fake. It is a hidden game where a public figure can be run from behind the scenes by hidden ‘yogis’. Why waste a real buddha on complete idiots like Rajneesh sannyasins, a fake could probably do even better with fake teachings, what’s the difference. It’s enough to be a stand up comedian, or have considerable intellectual knowledge of the legacy, that Rajneesh had.
Be wary. Real buddhas may not be able to compete with stand up comedians.

Making your feel tense? go do your meditation, how relaxing…

Time to move on. Some of the material here is ‘designed crazy’ if only to make it open to your own skepticism. Without any luck you are a no body unknown to the spiritual mafias of yoga…

Source: Posts designed ‘crazy’, disregard? writing off raja yoga… – The Gurdjieff Con

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