Posts designed ‘crazy’, disregard?

Time to move on. Some of the material here is ‘designed crazy’ if only to make it open to your own skepticism.
Without any luck you are a no body unknown to the spiritual mafias of yoga and sufism. Seize your opportunity to stock up things like raja yoga, and then move on quietly to your own disguised meditation. Chances are you don’t need such precautions. It’s crazy. But some do. The moment they sit in meditation a considerable field of vulture abstractions prey on them. Buddha spoke of the demon Mara, we will use only the term ‘abstraction’ for a scientific age that doesnt’ allow belief in astral demons or the occult. Certainly most beliefs here are ‘crazy’. Who is right here I don’t know: study Kant to see the limits of metaphysics, belief or disbelief are both suspect. The moment you get close to enlightenment all hell can break loose, for some. But you can get your work done quietly beyond notice. If you work alone, especially. Working in groups can be a good protection, but rarely leads to results. And the legacy of the boddhisattwa is another pitfall: you must NOT reach enlightenment, as a vow…Such an absurdity is so perverse you might get enlightened in reverse gear. Be sure to flip the bird at Buddha. The whole sangha turned into a fascist nightmare, it seems. The had to save the world as fanatics who couldn’t meditate save as fake meditation until they conquered samsara. Yikes. Whatever you do don’t meditate to relax in the current fad of mindfulness. That’s not the point. But wait, to do something so foolish will backfire, so what’s the harm. You will go mad sooner or later via meditation. adios

We have blogged for years on the problems with various paths and abandoned all of them: mostly by being chased away by the ghosts of gurus past. In desperation we took up raja yoga as a last ditch …

Source: hightailing it out of raja yoga…don’t say I wasn’t warned… – The Gurdjieff Con

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