Raja yoga?

We have blogged for years on the problems with various paths and abandoned all of them: mostly by being chased away by the ghosts of gurus past. In desperation we took up raja yoga as a last ditch hope.
Paths are a problem. Like Frodo the hobbit who comes to the attention of the dark lord, well, end of fun and games…
How can you have a path if the ghosts of gurus past are constantly after you to rip you off? Thieves of baraka make sufism a waste of time.

There are answers. Although higher states of consciousness require higher states of consciousness and the gang is lurking to rip that off the state beyond states is not like that? A higher state of consciousness might even be an obstacle. So you can slyly give the demon gurus the slip with no more than ordinary consciousness…You can skulk over to the Advaita gang and claim you are already enlightened. Nice try, but …there is something to it: ordinary consciousness isn’t too fancy but one thing it can do is attempt ‘one pointedness’. After that you are on your own.

After two lives and a recent life still with no path, we (‘we’ is gurdjieffese for ‘I’, it also does nicely as a ‘royal we’, haha raja yoga…) considered simple raja yoga as a last resort. It is clear, specific and without the occult man traps of sufism and sufi cannibals, and ought to be more than just the Alamo of the new age ‘great hope’.
It ought to be a no-brainer, but as per usual (and we forewarned ‘we’ before hand) there was a problem and we foresaw that from a mysterious comment by Rajneesh that Vivekananda had never reached enlightenment because Ramakhrishna had intervened to invultuate him and prevent him from the final stage…So much for raja yoga…
We decided to ignore this but create a sort of mouse trap for the ghost there by pronouncing our adoption of raja yoga.
Y9ou can guess the rest: and it is a pretty big ‘mouse’ although as an astral plane ‘something’: we have no choice but to hightail it out of new age paths, if that mighty mouse path bestowed on humanity by Vivekananda is a species of bullshit with predators also. Catching the ghost of ramakhrishna in a mouse trap? Are you mad?
It is good to done with all of it and real meditation invisible to the naked eye carefully concealed perhaps can be a way forward. The new age movement is about over anyway.

After Rajneesh, a complete and deliberate fake, the question requires restating, eh? And watch out for ghost of Vivekananda…


Source: Raja yoga feint…exposed…Gautama, the demon Mara, …what is meditation? – The Gurdjieff Con

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