Trump, conspiracy theories, fascist wannabes…

There is something forever ‘odd’ about Trump, apart from the many other adjectives I could think of…
When I encountered new age fascism years ago one theme was always mass murder indirectly referred to in relation to drone ‘fuhrers’ occultists could control. Mostly sick stuff and long forgotten, until the Trump era. I can speculate no further, but…
Trump is very strange: his goofs show him to be mostly goof-proof. But the fascist aura is creeping up on him. How is it that someone could proceed so stupidly to the mass murder of americans in a pandemic and still be in the Oval office? In fact the jig is up, it seems, soon.
I don’t know if it is true but only someone in an hypnotic, read ‘manchurian?’, state could act in such an unselfserving manner. Trump is incompetent as a fascist, but still deadly…

Source:  the gurus are enjoying the destruction of america…//Boycotting gurus, guruism…Sadhu and the asshole lineage of Rajneesh… – The Gurdjieff Con

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