Work in progress, Decoding World History

This is a commentary on World History and the Eonic Effect. The New Age movement is still dominated by enemies of modernity and reactionary anti-democrats. The view of history dominant has a completely skewed account of Indian religion. The complex dynamic of world history is something else.

The indian religious tradition needs reform, but it is not likely to happen. The whole game is too corrupt.
The world of western psychology is almost completely useless.
The figure of Gurdjieff (and his imitators like EJ Gold) make a spiritual path a liability. You can end up a slave and never know it. Unless you can understand your past lives you are on dangerous ground. And that is beyond you.
As we noted, then, a default cliche path like raja yoga is a useful point of reference pointing beyond itself to something has existed as long as man has been around. But the outer culture has already produced a kind of Crowleyan mafia.

A buddhist version is even better, but the world of the buddhist sangha is its own trap. The hidden fascist strain comes as a complete shock and the beautiful legacy of the buddha falls away.

A new start is needed. But none is visible on the horizon.

World history is a strange mystery. I hope this book can help, and the idiocy of the Kali yuga nonsense can be finished off for good.

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