Another email exchange…re: Rajneesh, the Hitler issue, …

Re: Rajneesh
From: Nemonemini
To: xeno_ac@
Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2020 9:29 am
Thanks for reply: thought you and the other fellow got scared away.
I should go over the material on the Hitler issue: it occurred in the seventies
and many who came later never knew about it.
I once lived briefly with a sannyasin in the Village of NY
and was astounded when he started doing fascist salutes.

All his books from that period are out of print and his ashram
has sanitized all of them in reprints that are dubious.
Rajneesh praised Hitler several times.
Rajneesh was but one aspect of a blizzard of New Age
this and that trotting down the pike. I only read his books, basically,
and they are themselves questionable yet often with interesting info.
I wish I had those books now, they are worth a fortune, I had
over two hundred (I am a sort of speed reader, sort of), worth close to
a hundred a piece.
There is a Netflix documentary also, on Rajneesh.
There are the articles in the Oregonian at the time of the Commune in Oregonian,
which I visited briefly (as a non-sannyasin). Google, Rajneesh, Oregonian…
It was not clear to many outsiders the extent of criminal behavior that went
on in the early years, plus the endless confusion of the Commune.
Part of the issue with Rajneesh is that after the nutty malevolence of
Da Free John, Rajneesh seemed like the real thing. Apparently not.
All the gurus from that period are oddball and fakes: Gold (a ferocious
occultist, however), Lozowick, Da Free John, the TM guru, the Dalai Lama, the
sufis etc, etc…The whole basis of the new age movement has collapsed.
In retrospect both Blavatsky and Gurdjieff were a warning of what was to come
Gurdjieff however had a real yet malevolent higher consciousness. He
remains a puzzle.
My heart goes out to the victims of Gurdjieff, and I wonder if I am
one of them. That was a century ago, and yet people are still trying
to get their bearings, and those who forget their previous incarnation
with Gurdjieff are at risk.

You might read about Bennett and Idries Shah and the way he ripped
him off. That was another warning. The hatred and loathing of westerners
was so great that the cruelty was unstoppable.
There are a lot of sufi fronts on YouTube now. I have to wonder.
There may well be some genuine sufis out there! what a statement.
I would advise staying clear of sufism. Without reservation.

I will try to find some material on the Rajneesh nazi connection.

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From: xeno_ac@
Sent: Tue, Aug 4, 2020 8:53 am
Subject: Rajneesh

Did Rajneesh elaborate on why he blamed the ‘buddhists’ for Hitler? I don’t know all that much about Rajneesh but a lot of his message seems anti-conformity and anti-authoritarian “Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you also.” What were these fascist memes he promoted? If true, I wonder if there exist some blindspot that opens up contradictions in what a guru says and what they do. “Enlightenment” seem to create a vacuum with “nothing more to do” or no clear goal that then creates an opening for the guru-type to feel entitled to do whatever they want. I always felt that “enlightenment,” in talking about achieving a specific “state,” left the question of what “to do” wild open. Even Gurdjieff, who stressed that entire civilizations had perished because they didn’t know how and what to do, still gave no useful insights into what to do or how to organize society.

Från: Nemonemini
Skickat: den 3 augusti 2020 21:38
Till: paulbains7@ ; xeno_ac@ <xeno_ac@
Ämne: Re: Your comments welcome

Interesting. If you wish to contribute some posts let me know. I am in a strange position with Gurdjieff
and like Ouspensky dig up dirt, the not nice behavior of the implacable quarrel. But Gurdjieff (as with my essay Samkhya, listed at the blog) produced a notable
rabbit from a sufi hat: the curious connection of multiple subjects in relation to samkhya. That essay is linked to at the blog.
I also blog at, on radical etc..issues. Time for socialists to plot against the gov, n'estce pas?

As far as Rajneesh goes, he thought about Gurdjieff a lot, but in the end was critical.
If Rajnesh wasn't even enlightened it is hard to see his critique of G.
He replied to one of your letters? Post the info at the blog.
Rajneesh pronounced Gurdjieff a failure and I have to wonder.
All of his students end up in dead ends, true believers in the enneagram
and much other nonsense from G, and they never realize it is just a brand of advertising.
They end up not even studying meditation and just end up sad sacks.

Bennett laid the whole thing out, and the other poster here is reading DU.
DU contains some interesting stuff, and you can see what Gurdjieff had hoped to do,
but he couldn't bring it off. Bennett does better, but he never really achieved deep consciousness
(many will deny, so, how would I know?)
Anyway, I learned early on in the seventies that something was wrong: honest people
were pushed aside while criminals got dosed with baraka. I couldn't fathom that til
I saw the connection with neo-fascist movements.
It was Rajneesh who spilled the beans: he actually blamed the 'buddhists' for Hitler.
I found that impossible to fathom. But once I saw second hand mind control from people '
like Gold the manufacture of a Hitler seemed well within the realm of the possible.
Scary, and it kind of leaves your new age love beads dangling.
the 'deep' buddhists, not the honest faithful, have had centuries to
develop sneaky stuff, and the passage to Tibet after the massacres by Hindus
buddhists embraced a kind of himalayan dark side that is beyond creepy in a strange
revenge. G traversed all that terrain, from the Caucasus to Tiber, and I presume Afghanistan.
Rajneesh, and I missed that, actively promoted fascist memes, in a sort of jaunty style of his,
to make people not suspect, yet soak up some strange stuff.

I thought the whole thing just crazy, but not with the resurgence of fascism, what to say of dupes
like Trump, I can see the seeds germinating from the second phase of new age fascism. (the first is
some unknown source in the nineteenth century with Tibet one of the 'ususal suspects')
Trump is a strange case, until you consider that he seems to be doing 'fascism lite'
on the way to something really dark.
What are these gurus prone to fascism?

anyway, enough. I may post his…
The first years of The Gurdjeff Con are lost now, but I rescued a lot of the archives
and made them into Kindle books. But they are hard to fathom for most.
I am surprised you read my autobio, it was originally a blog, and the file
now is chaotic. I may try to fix it up.

I think our generation is looking to the past, but only briefly,
a new spirituality for the future is needed, but the current
brands are too perverted to stand. So we shall see…

I have ended up promoting raja yoga, a serious joke:
after all the fancy esoteric stuff, raja yoga is an old standby,
boring, cliched, and mostly ignored by hatha yoga idiots.
Raja yoga however was a public resource that has helped
more than almost any other method. I am kidding, but not kidding.

I will cross post this to the other poster, our DU man…

7 thoughts on “Another email exchange…re: Rajneesh, the Hitler issue, …

  1. Hi, you do seem to be almost sharing our email addresses in these posts?

    Btw, as I commented the Samkyha essay doesn’t open – or rather my dropbox opens and states no such public file exists.
    You never quite did address your personal connection with the foundation or its affiliates….


    1. Samkya_ancient_modern2ax
      Try this, or this:

      Click to access samkya_ancient_modern2ax.pdf

      As to email, the second half is clipped after the @/??
      Tell me what you want there? ‘Paul’?
      I never had any direct contact with the Foundation.
      I have interacted with people who have been a part of it.
      Also, there is a fellow who writes book on G, with one ‘
      on the enneagram. He had contact with someone from the Foundation
      as his student. I will look up his name. He keeps sending me adverts, etc…
      I put up another email on the blog.
      I am grateful you two have given me some occasion.


  2. Btw, here is a link to Rajneesh on Gurdjieff….my question is in there on kundalini ‘a friend asks….’ It was edited – I didn’t say G. ‘didn’t understand’…
    It was possible to write questions at the ashram…and sometimes he answered…he had huge ‘charisma’ but I think a lot of what he said came from his clearly voracious reading…


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