Knudgeknudge with a link to kundalini question

Thanks to knudgekhudge: he has a good link (pertaining to a question he asked Rajneesh! and printed in one of his books.
The issue of kundalini is tricky and I have known of Gopi Krishna, Gurdjieff on kundabuffer since the 1970’s. But i didn’t recall this comment from rajneesh.
But I never arrived at any conclusion. We can quietly reprint the link page here…see next post.

oops here’s the link….
Btw, Osho does the same take with G on the soul….saying G didn’t really mean we didn’t have on….
10 hours ago
Another email exchange…re: Rajneesh, the Hitler issue, …

Btw, here is a link to Rajneesh on Gurdjieff….my question is in there on kundalini ‘a friend asks….’ It was edited – I didn’t say G. ‘didn’t understand’…
It was possible to write questions at the ashram…and sometimes he answered…he had huge ‘charisma’ but I think a lot of what he said came from his clearly voracious reading…

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