Re: kundalini muddle, & Knudgeknudge with a link to kundalini question – The Gurdjieff Con

I have never arrived at any good understanding of the kundalini issue: between Gurdjieff and Rajneesh the issue ends up obscure. Rajneesh had a meditation called kundalini, which amounted to no much but dancing to music.

I am suspicious here, neither one seems to quite know what he is talking about. And Gurdjieff, after seeding the planet with the garbage on kundalini chooses to denigrate Kundalini, without ever making it clear and as usual burying the question in All and Everything’s jargon, making it impossible for anyone to figure out. A man who went to such lengths to confuse people deliberately is not
a good source for judgments of the yogas.
He is in no position to critique kundalini with such unreliable credentials. Not that I have stock in kundalini myself.

this is perhaps another case of lost knowledge. Note that my remarks on Samkhya are also critical, but I do attempt to make sense of it, ending with Bennett.
We need something similar for the whole question of kundalini, chakras, etc, etc…

Thanks to knudgekhudge: he has a good link (pertaining to a question he asked Rajneesh! and printed in one of his books. The issue of kundalini is tricky and I have known of Gopi Krishna, Gurdjieff…

Source: Knudgeknudge with a link to kundalini question – The Gurdjieff Con

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