Another exchange, buddhism and hindu reformation…goofy question with a point about bad new age terminology

Re: Advaita..goofy question of the week: If pace Advaiata the universe is conscious, should it have to mediate to raise its consciousness? (semantic computer crash here)
From: Nemonemini
Date: Tue, Sep 8, 2020 11:25 am
The question of Hinduism is very complex and I would adopt different perspectives: as a student of history it is
an immense field of study and one of the great complexes in world history.
In terms of religion now it is a confusing and treacherous labyrinth hard to navigate.
Just the history of Advaita is hard to deal with.
In general, Hinduism spawned Buddhism but the latter failed as a Reformation
and the archaic Hinduism persists.
Who knows the future?
We have been discussing raja yoga, but the resemblance
to Buddhism is odd: many suspect that hinduism took over
some things it didn’t need to compete with buddhists.
Even gurus like Rajneesh threw up his hands and wondered
if the whole thing might not just collapse and dissipate finally.
Much of Hinduism goes back to the Neolithic?
The Buddhists had a brilliant continuation as a Reformation
but they were not able to reduce the whole of Hinduism
from its diversity and were finally driven away. The same
thing happened btw with the Protestant Reformation:
It started to take over from Catholicism, but then the
CounterReformation successfully made a comeback.
I have heard people looking at the evangelical wasteland
in the Protestant field and with things like the Prosperity Gospel
of greed christian capitalists despair of the whole question
and look back at Catholicism as at least secure against total idiots.
Who knows. I think pace the eonic model that Christianity and Judaism are
passing away, but such things obviously have their own stubborn persistence.
Very few religions survive beyond a given age period. But Hinduism is different:
it doesn’t survive: it changes but keeps the same label. It is not one thing.

It was odd to think one ‘buddha could challenge the thousands of yogis
stretched over millennia.

As far as Advaita is concerned the typical Youtube brand invoking
quantum physics and claiming that as Atman equals Brahman
the whole universe is somehow conscious doesn’t work

The term conscious, and this is a strange joke, always equivocates into two,
consciousness and self-consciousness, or consciousness and mindfulness consciousness
or Gurjieff’s consciousness and self-remembering consciousness.

So our western new age Advaita fan who thinks that if Atman equals Brahman then the
universe is conscious is in for a surprise question: is nature conscious?
If so nature would have to take a mindfulness workshop and meditate since it is
in the lower ‘state of consciousness’ next to higher consciousness. We just turned the corner
to muddle.
The original sense here doesn’t seem to translate.

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