Master idiot gurdjieff promotes the fourth way fantasy…

The fourth way is a hopeless confusion about spiritual paths.
The manner of depicting it is typical of the style G uses when
he is pulling the wool over people’s eyes.
The fourth way is a completely useless overspecification of the type Gurdjieff constantly used to bullshit Ouspensky.
It resembles intoxicated fast/talk of the kind we see in drunkards, here of consciousness.
The idea of the fourth way has an obvious grain of truth: body, emotions, mind, might have an integrating factor.
And there is supra factor: the will. But the fourth way is hardly an use for that. It is just the brochure idiocy of the whole Ouspensky brand peddled onto him by Gurdjieff.
The will is not easily activated, instead we use the psychological will, which is something different, a not much.
The realm of Crowley stumbles on this in a fake and dangerous version.
It is a sort of Nietzschean fantasy of the ‘will’ beyond ethics, the superpsychopath beyond good and evil, an idiot version of the path with many derelicts, faustian burnouts, gurdjieff clones, and devotees of crowleyanit.
The Will is well depicted in Schopenhauer, and connects with the thing in itself, the reason it is mystifying. We cannot touch it, or have access to it. You would not be able to control your own will. A figure like Gurdjieff can no more explicate the will than a man on the street.
The only safe way to find the deep will is via the path of enlightenment which can show the hidden will in that final non-state.

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