sufism – YouTube: retracting…and reaffirming a critique

Source: sufism – YouTube

I have often been critical of Sufism stretching back to the old Darwiniana
and the Gurdjieff Con in its earlier net presence.
and way before that. That was fairly low key but suddenly
in the context of current culture and an expanded audience
blanket denunciations are no longer appropriate.
It might help to widen our perspective and now with Youtube
it is possible to nearly study Sufism on the internet.
I have ended up blaming Sufis for EJ Gold and Gurdjieff.
How can I critique Sufis, I have never met any, almost:
I recounted in a previous post one actual meeting with a Sufi,
the only one I ever had,
and it was a horrible moment of spiritual rape. It soured me for
good. It was however a situation obviously engineered by Gold
in his mysterious occult cruelty.

But many Sufis are good people who have suffered persecution
and their style and aspect is benign. We can explore that now
on the net, and I will restate my critique as a warning
but then leave any reader to explore that for himself
with some links here.
Better, skip it and be very wary of sufi occultists.
I would caution you will never sort out the different persons
on that score.
As evidence here I cite Gurdjieff’s proclamation he as a devil,
Beelzebub. It is as good as any other warning where people expect some kind of saint.

The misuse of terms on all sides complicates the issue. Was Gurdjieff
a Sufi, or EJ Gold. Neither one has ever done anything beyond disinformation.
I cannot speak from experience then and in fact it is clear
although I have no knowledge whatsoever of Sufism in Islamic
countries. Hardly grounds for a critique.
I suspect that Sufism is closer to an exoteric religion
as a variant of Islam. I have no business critiquing such
What exoteric Sufism as a religion could amount to
I don’t know, but I doubt it amounts to much.
I think Islam is collapsing toward secularism
and Sufism will pass with it.
We can explore YouTube sufism here for a bit.
But my cautions remain, take it or leave it.

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