watching eonic effect while in motion? Israelites and their cargo cult of the eonic effect

You surprise me, you have a good question.
The final answer has to be, I don't know, but
the issue of the eonic effect acting when man is aware of it
is not to be dismissed out of hand.
In fact, we have examples in the data: most notably the Israelites
began to notice something strange happening in their culture, for example,
the sudden appearance of spiritual types, later called prophets. They did that ca. mid sevnth century
BC, right in the middle of the 'transition', so there is an example. Their visions
accumulated and suddenly the Israetlites noticed something was acting on them over time.
it is hard to describe the real facts here, but let me note that they misinterpreted what happened
as a divinity…That's the danger: people won't know what is happening to them and may deduce the wrong thing.
I hope you are secular here and I haven't insulted your beliefs.

Another case, perhaps (read the section 'From Reformation to Revolution' in chapter seven):
it starts with Luther's famous exclamation, 'we are at the dawn of a new era'. What made him say that?
He was right, and just at the start. In the sixteenth century a number of people could see that something had
terminated the middle ages and things were on the move. Also, in the Enlightenment the philosophes
remarked on the change in social thought: the secular was dispelling medieval religion.
Those are not however observations of the eonic effect, but of its details. Many noted the modern transition
but thought it something else. Even the great Karl Marx confused the rise of the modern with the rise of capitalism,
not quite right to me. But he had an idea of the 'modern' transition. But people did indeed note the eonic effect's effects, but weren't sure or even aware overall.
The process is dangerous, the Israelites hallucinated 'god' in history, …
Buddha spoke of the new turn in the great wheel, but that referred to his movement.

Also the more extravagant brands of christian eschatological theology armed with the Old Testament
'history' of an age of revelation began to think of a 'next case', a second coming, a new age of some kind etc…
Their views were completely wild speculation, but they sensed that a new age was inherent in the whole mix???

So, you are right, people have noticed the eonic effect in its particulars without realizing what it was overall.
Let me think a bit about your statements: I can't as yet fully answer your question.
The Israelites created a cargo cult out of the eonic effect, somewhere between 'charming' and 'total disaster'.
Maybe the process let that happen to create monotheism.

Your last question, I don't know the answer but I jumped to the conclusion that we are at the end of the eonic effect.
I can't be sure. I deduce for many reasons that the 'modern transition' is over as of ca. 1800.
but that says nothing about the future. I don't even know what the 'eonic effect' is, so it is hard to answer.
Also it makes sense for the eonic sequence to stop: man is on his own in the end, and has to digest
and try to figure out what has happened to him.
I suspect that the dawn of man was similar to this, and then the process seems to have stopped and man
then tried to digest his novel form of existence.
i suspect that Africa was a great place for isolated groups to undergo the thousand years bursts times X of an
eonic effect shaping a new species. When man left Africa it clearly was no longer possible for the focussed
action of the macro process. I am guessing, but looking at ten thousand years of human history I can begin to sense
how early man could have evolved.

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