Fields in biology, the eonic effect and the evolution of civilizations

Despite my skepticism, the idea of biological fields is a natural one. But fields arise in physics in relation to four fundamental forces, one each, as it were.

That fact alone counsels caution in any speculation about more fields. And the problem of observation has proven obstinate, although I am not sure
of the case of morphogenetic fields or any other type of body field in the range of new-age speculations.

Here the issue of evolution arises and there the idea of fields again suggests itself. Unfortunately, the entire field of biology is in a state of confusion over Darwinism and unable to get past it, although some challenges are now entering the mainstream. If biologists can’t get past the fallacy of natural selection they could hardly handle
something like biological fields.

In any case, we are talking about something more general than organismic issues. The question of the eonic effect raises the question of life on the surface of a planet, and there we are ignorant still. And the discussion is about a side aspect: the evolution of civilizations.
I have presented the eonic effect as an empirical issue and that is the only safe approach. But this data provokes the issue of a real theory of evolution. Given the current muddle of biologists that is an unlikely prospect.

The eonic effect forces the issue and makes clear just how difficult the issue of evolution is because it applies to complex entities like species, and in our case civiliizations.

The eonic effect shows an ingenious solution to the problem of the evolution of civilizations. In fact the ‘civilizations’ are not the issue. It is Civilization that is important, in kind of global sense. We can see civilizations/Civilization is ‘evolving’ via ‘transitions’, subsets that show rapid development and then create diffusion fields.

I am suspicious if not certain that the issue of evolution for man is larger than the organismic level. After all, biologists themselves speak of the evolution of the species. That is a complicated process we don’t understand. But the ‘species’ could be an early variant of the civilization in the sense that ‘evolution’ applies to aggregates. The evolution of a species is void of ignorance. Biologists seem to think that a mutation in one organism is going to spread through a species, and that many such will add up to a change of species.

The idea is worthy only of complete idiots. And Darwinists qualify for the label.

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