Trump the drone?

We have in a number of posts over the last several years, but less so lately,
suggested that ‘mass murder’ is part of the faux-fascist ‘fascism’ that the ‘drone’ Trump is performing in his very odd state of mind which seems to have succeeded via failure that has paralyzed all response.
The many speculations about Russian interference have not really gone anywhere and the strange connection with Russia and Putin has never quite been resolved, but the suspicion remains that Trump is the victim of some kind of hypnotic spell that makes him destructive of democratic particulars all the way through. There are many possibilities none of which can escape the charge of conspiracy theory.
The global is a front for something deeper.
I say this because years ago passing through the New Age movement I saw a component of the fascist right reborn and amplified in the fringe zone of the ‘gurus’ and their legacy of crypto-fascism. In some the explicit goal of mass murder came into the open.  Here we notice how Trump keeps getting fixated in a scheme that kills a lot of people. His ‘handlers’ if real must be giddy at the way Trump has unconsciously or not being ‘pawned’ into mass murder via the pandemic.

Her assessment is born, in part, by Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which she calls a “mass murder”. Trump’s ignorance, his refutation of the opinion of his own scientific advisers, and dishonest and irresponsible actions have resulted in more than 8.35 million cases of COVID-19 and over 224,000 deaths to date in the U.S.

Source: In the Eye of the Storm –

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