Review of Wright’s ridiculous ‘Why Buddhism is true’ at Amazon

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This book is a strange puzzle. Why would anyone write such a book so far outside the spirit of Buddhism? The answer seems to be that the new atheists can’t dispense with Buddhism as they do with theism, but must strip it of any or all elements that create nightmares in secular humanists. Further, Wright is an obsessed Darwinist promoting the pseudo-science of natural selection, a grotesque species of nonsense that has no place in the realm of Buddhism. The question of Buddhism has always been a stumbling block for traditional Hinduism, and in this age whatever is left of Christianity. And now secularists are determined to castrate the whole subject to the point where nothing is left. The whole point of Buddhism is that in its original form it could pass muster in modern times. Buddhism points the way to a remarkable form of yoga and liberation. But despite its external appearance as crypto-modern Buddhsim is not easily rendered in the naturaism of reductionist science. It poses that the seeker find his past reincarnations, develop his consciousness through the four states, sleep, waking consciousness, mindful consciousness, and the mysterious state four,, confusingly called enlightenment.
It proposes that man through mediation find his way past the round of rebirths and reincarnation. And in the process he might encounter unknown dangers of the occult and demonic, whatever those be. Buddha fought a ferocious battle with a demon Mara. What in earth was that about. That just mi9ght be a naturalistic issue as a spiritual. Now complete idiots do mindfulness training sanitized to be a form of relaxation. Finding enlightenment is not relaxing, and you just might lose a meditation battle with the demon Mara. Be afraid, very afraid, or skip the whole question and become a neutered boddhisattwa. Buddhism in some of its current forms has been turned into a ridiculous travesty of the original. Even the concept of enlightenment has been rendered into nothing much. In fact that subject is difficult and few ever understand it.
The interest of Buddhism is that it is able in its actual or original form (??) to pass muster in the context of humanism, and the secular in a way that Hinduism cannot. There is no reason why a humanism that is intelligent can’t take Buddhism for what it is. Outside of their field scientists as here tend to be complete idiots and do harm to the reality of history. I am not a Buddhist because it has a ferocious and fascist esoteric cabal hidden in its sundry manifestations, Tibetan or otherwise. The modern secular humanist is a ridiculous dupe in this context.

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