Zen slammer! (pronounced like red queen in the movie saying ‘off with their heads’) long meditation sessions – Google Search

Zen skanner!?
I am surprised over and over at the way the new age legacy is mutating and probably dissipating/
I am not a guru or meditator source of advice but the idea of meditating ten to forty five minutes a day sounds comical.
I recall in the seventies when the Tibetans arrived a typical retreat in a Mahhattan loft was minimum eight hours, two four hour sessions, with walking
meditation breaks every two hours for five minutes. That was for beginners.

I suspect that the motivation scenario here has been shot. This is the relaxion style of McMinfulness capitalism

Meditation as daily culture is dubious, to me. And the path of the Boddhisatwas has confused everything, a thorough heresy.  But a point to consider. Now perhaps many became enlightened by thus stepping backwards into it.But I recall Rajneesh saying that

noone after Milerapa in Tiber became enlightened. A drastic judgment.

Understand the point, most Buddhists have vowed to not reach enlightenment. Avoid them if you have other plans. The latter has its own problems!
Skip or save meditation for a real path to the enlightenment reality, if it exists: you have no knowledge beyond new age crap and must find out.
Here monster meditation at ten hours at a shot for months is appropriate, I would guess.
The buddha style vowed at some point not to rise til one was enlightened.
But what about body functions? sleep, food?
We have very little knowledge here, it seems, what are the facts on the ground? Lost perhaps. The literature is unsafe. After forty years I find out that anatta teachings are incorrect, and have been so for a long time, therefore. Such what is your source of procedure?
Also the question persists of sitting positions: if you are in pain meditation becomes too stressful. But sitting four hours is not so easy if you cannot manage lotus postures: forget them! find a good cushion,
some of  the square pillows of an old sofa cushion is good:you can sit just at the edge and the pain zones in feet and legs hover in mid air…experiment, try a cement block.
Slowly a westerner can forge crap sitting positions (zero lotus position) into real instruments. So that’s no real problem. Sooner or later you can meditate for long periods without crucifixion. Perhaps then meditation can start, who knows?

Be careful, aiming for ‘enlightenment’ is like a bad pointer in C programming which points to nothing, crash. To what does it refer? they still call it state 4, nameless??? That the point, meditate to find out.

btw, As a new ager you are nauseating human riffraff. Zen slammer!

Source: long meditation sessions – Google Search

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