the Animal House verdict: puke in your face…so who was puking?….Osho counterfeit guru: google link – The Gurdjieff Con

This is a useful attempt at critique but in the end it is itself puzzling. The critic has no real standard by which to judge. He cites Guenon as a yardstick. Unbelievable. The critique is itself puzzling. It ought to be dead easy to critique this figure but attempts fumble the ball. Pious upholders of defunct traditions have no real answer here.

Osho is a dark figure, but consider the real history of Christianity: is Jesus Christ really your personal savior?
Christianity has deprived more people of a path than anything an idiot like Osho could accomplish. Not a single Christian that I can see was able to transform his consciousness in the classic sense. The tactic was deliberate crowd control. Osho publicly puked at the thought of Christian theology, and he was right. The doctrine of the resurrection was deliberate bunko to create mystification. Surprising anyone got away with it. As a deception it was unfathomably successful.
That bullshit has passed through history and misled billions. Anything Osho did is urchin street rascal mischief by comparison.
For someone like Osho to go crazy and smash everything is not so surprising. Critics of Rajneesh are like the headmaster in Animal House, the response it to puke in your face.
I think Rajneesh must have been destructive for a purpose. The Animal House comparison seems right. Almost no one ever discovers a path. At some point people just go crazy.

This is no defense. The question lingers, was Rajneesh a psychopath? Probably not, so what was going on there. In too many ways he was second rate: a fan of Nietzsche unable to study Kant. The slide into criminality is almost bizarre.
The Nietzsche element is telling, the guru for the second rate.
In any case, critiques of his teachings can miss the point. They were a big zero but so is most of the legacy tradition.

I have to wonder if Rajneesh was a set up. I suspect many public gurus of being run from behind the scenes. Who was really running this farce.

Recall that Osho denounced the buddhists for creating Hitler. Who wouldn’t go mad at that point. Hitler was indeed run from a secret source.
All the pious yogis disguise figures laughing their arses off to create a Rajneesh. It is all very cynical. Why waste a buddha on the likes of Osho sannyasins. A complete fake can serve the same purpose: spreading info about indian traditions.

Rajneesh often gave things away. How many new age idiots are followers of Vivekananda? Rajneesh let loose that he wasn’t enlightened because that big devil Ramakhrisna kept him on a short lease. So he was a deliberate fake.
How many students of raja yoga have gone down the drain in this game.

But I agree overall with a criticism: for the sake of many innocent people who were harmed.
Life is strange: this kind of off the wall nuthousse joke is, well, I shouldn’t say funny. Puke instead, but Rajneesh is puking  in your ace, also…on you too. To say he created a false path has a funny kind of humor to it. Judge not, lest…

Source: Osho counterfeit guru: google link – The Gurdjieff Con

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