Gold? and Bannon the new ager (???) and Trump’s hidden doppelgangers..
This paper has been kicking around for a while but I would caution most attempts to explicate EJ Gold.
New agers have suffered a lot from Gurdjieff and Gold and the lies disinformation and exploitation
are cleverly concealed from the general public. The issue of the occult enters but no one can
deal with that aspect.
The number of novel crimes you can commit if you have real occult powers
is downright scary.

Our archives have a lot of material here, although less re: Gold because
he is dangerous to criticize. We have done so here, more so with Gurdjieff.
We have a lot of ‘weird’ material here: 3 booklets of archives at Amazon:
Whither the Path, Ravings of the Masts, and Debriefing Gurdjieffianity. 99 cents each.
They are or seem ‘designed crazy’, but they contain the secret of sufism
which almost no sufis know about.

We have discussed a new book about Bannon, relinked here: next pos,for years I* warned of
new age gurus attacking modernity and the seeding of fascism. Just how right I was
can be seen from looking at Bannon(one of Trump’s team). Bannon was an eager sucker
for almost every bit of new age idiocy, from the Kali yuga to the laws of caste
and the diatribes against modernity.
all of the junk new agism plus the nonsense about the Kali Yuga enters in Bannon
and is part of the whole Trump affair, Trump himself oblivious mostly. Just who is behind
all this is a mystery. Natch. You don’t want anyone to know if you are a spiritual fascist.

We had a series on raja yoga here which attracted the attention of some real yogis
of India, they can help people trapped by EJ Gold, … Their disciples never meditate
and Gold will undermine meditation in his students. Keep people asleep! But preach awakening.

Equally sufism is a dangerous path, for many. For me. The YouTube sufism wwe cited is misleading:
sufism is so hopelessly confused wit h Islam that it is impossible to decipher.
Stear clear. The obsession with god is the influence of living under Islam
the original sufism was gnostic and not so god obsessed gibberish of sufis dominated
b y Islam.
We have been through a whole generation of the New Age and the result is a big zero.

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