Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and the alt-right

These essays are interesting but as usual we caution be wary of the gurdjieff milieu.
It is important now to see how various warnings have been born out:
consider our reference to Steve Bannon and the book about his thinking in the
era of Trump.
Gurdjieff via Ouspensky was one of the figures behind the attempt to attack democracy,
modernism, equality and the preposterous revival of caste ideologies and those efforts from sources no doubt
distinct from Gurdjieff (who was too clever to directly link to fascists).
We have one advantage here: the figures on the right dredged up viz Trump
such total idiots that the full measure of Hitler-style malevolence as fascist
evil is most as with Trump a headscratcher. What’s the point with idiots like this.
The garbled Ouspensky in Bannon, and much else, most just discredits itself.
But let’s not forget that Trump was president of the US, a puzzle to this day
with many. They said the same of Hitler, another such idiot but with a cunning
nexus of evil that he brought about.

It remains to be seen to what degree the fascist right has rebirthed itself.

Ouspensky was not exactly a liberal modern. He belongs to realm of super-reactionairies
and after many years/generations of laughing it off
the new alt-right suddenly erupted in American politics.
Note the way that all this lurks behind the promotion of a spiritual path, the work
and the packaged garbage that is cynically used as a front.
The fascist angle is concealed but resurfaced in the new age movement of the seventies of the last
Be wary of the Gurdjieff field. In an age when disbelief in ghosts is public ideology
these ghosts have a free entry point for mischief.
The g-ghost can be especially deadly.

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