Ouspensky reborn as liberal, democrat and american ‘refugee’ of esoteric fascism…a socialist fourth way…?

The question of Ouspensky’s next birth is of interest here given my own implacable hatred of Gurdjieff, sufis, and fascists. It is apt he was confused with me: in his next incarnation he was born in the US and grew up to be a solid American democrat/liberal and then socialist. This infuriated his antecedents in the Gurdjieff and sufi world and he ended up like the figure in the movie Bourne Identity: as if ‘reborn and orphaned at sea (first scene of movie) thence to try and ‘self-remember’ who he was as all sorts of creepy assasins appeared out of the woodwork. A fascinating cinematic metaphor, whatever the status of the movie. Its portrait of the hidden world of the CIA is chilling, what are the facts?
The metaphor (covert agencies as metaphor of esoteric groups and vice versa) is relevant to the realm of ‘esoteric’ criminals who control many ‘paths’ like the sufi (at the fringes perhaps, but …) You really don’t want to be a part of that. The sufi soul game has fallen into the hands of criminals. Egad indeed.
That’s life, an apt phrase: people die and are reborn into new and future worlds. It is a blessing to the life stream of Ouspensky that he escaped the realm of Gurdjieff and the sufi gangsters. Gurdjieff called himself a devil, and he wasn’t kidding.
People have a soul, a very ordinary one from the evolution of early man (cf. Bennett here) while the sufis peddle another brand,but they are stuck as immortals in an archaic form. The normal rebirth is thus a blessing as with Ouspensky who gave the slip to his past. That past caught up with him and tried to sabotage his next life, but I think he survived handily. Some day he may produce a socialist fourth way, freed from Big Devils like GeeWhiz et al.

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