The confusions of Bennett and the demon world of Gurdjieff…//The Hyparxis of The Dramatic Universe.pdf – The Gurdjieff Con

Looking back at the Gurdjieff world one sees a great failure, as Osho pointed out. The problem is obvious: this kind of teaching is in a rightist revolt against modernity but then tries to manipulate the themes of modernity for its reactionary purpose. Bennett suffers here. A brilliant man who could use the elements of General Relativity from a stance of understanding the mathematics was force to work in the context of ‘surrender’ to a malevolent yet seemingly coherent brand of mysticism. The result in the Dramatic Universe doesn’t make sense finally. It is could have been a truly great work but as it is it is a muddle of modern science and sufistic mysticism plus the strangely demonic world of Gurdjieff, an unknown of strange and eerie demonic counterpoint. In this context Bennett whose values are basically modern and who hardly had a clue to the real Gurdjieff produced a fascinating trainwreck of a book, none the wiser at the end. In fact Bennett at some point compounded confusion by becoming a Catholic and at one point debases his own model in a silly apologetic for the doctrine of the resurrection. Yiikes!

The whole thing falls apart. The systematics of numeric categories hooked me for a while, but in the end it fails also, and fails in an embarrasing way, at the three term system. So we are back  at two term systems. Can a little Zen work here? Gurddjieff kept trying to kidnap smart intellectuals. Ouspensky was the first but that didn’t work out so he called in the second string, Bennett was hyperintelligent and an idiot at the same time.

People are mesmerized by this man, but never see the fascist, the slave monger who detests abolition, and the sufi shark who is a demon by confession.

The students here are so devoted but fail to see the problem core.In the end Hitler was to save them from modernity so that a slave society and a law of caste could reign. In t he age of Trump they are trying again, as Steve Bannon tries to play Ouspensky. The surface is all that his devoted followers see, and Bennett is stuck there forever. But Ouspensky did protest and called the whole thing criminal even as he tried to sift sufism out of the Gurdjieff work, to no avail.
One should be wary. These Sufis are in jihad and want you dead. A teaching for modern men must be a deception that will attract them so they fall in the trap.  Find another path. Don’t be an idiot with this teaching that is nothing on the surface and something else behind it. The demons end up with all the baraka, avoid it all. Sufi baraka was a terrible idea. Rogue sufis have learned how to steal it. Why do so many poets lose inspiration. The thieves of baraka who come upon an inspired poet,  get to work. Seekers, what to say, never get to first base. The gangsters have all the baraka i n the end.

Let’s hope for a path beyond sufism. All those youtube videas about ‘love’ is the squawk of parrots. The sufis do have a mysterious ‘soul game’ related perhaps related to the notioin of the completed man. I guarantee you will never find it, and it you do the thieves of baraka will find you. It is significant historically. I suspect the early christians had a version of the sufi sould game, but it died out. It is dying out in sufism. What sufi has ever heard of it. I think this is something that was known to Egyptians, witness their obsession with death, and that it goes back to neolithic beginnings. But it is a corrupt menace now.

Bennett is useful here: earliest man first acquired a soul. The later shennanigans are something over the top.
What’s the point. Gurdjieff was hypnotic for a while. He is boring now.  One becomes weary and the game destined to fail, fails.
Bennett’s remarkable the Dramatic Universe falls between two stools here and produces a flood of brilliance that flashes into a void and becomes nothing. He also suffered from the complexities he tried to explicate. The six dimensional universe is a tricky and interesting idea, but it is a castle built in the air. To extend the space-time metric to six dimensional and use the original tensors to do that is,…it takes a while to see it won’t work.  Here Bennett is very interesting, and he sees in the distance a solution to the evolution question. Related to hyparxis: the process of evolution seems hyparchic in its probing to to found a new species. Bon idee, but not yet science.  It is hard to evaluate. Noone can use his book because it is too complex a disguise for easy refutation. He presumes the Theory of General Relativity but applies that to new age mysticism.
His version has some interesting aspects. What is hyparxis? I have often thought of an example: someone writing a book: it fits into the scheme of
time, eternity, hyparxis, although the analogy is artificial it points to something few readers can find in the book.
Consider a man writing a novel: the novel is in real-time, the idea unwritten is in eternity and the drafts are in-between time and eternity, hyparchic. There are more posts here on that. Search for ‘hyparxis’ on this blog.  Bennett entered very early the world of spooky physics and his sense of eternity points to the world that physicists now struggle with: entanglement. But it would seem that entanglement, whatever its basis, points to just this kind of dimensional ambiguity. Entanglement is no doubt related to the dimensions of eternity and spaceless, timeless aspect of a larger geometry. Such explanations beg science so we wont take it further. But Bennett saw the coming of spooky physics (as did many early on).
His work is entangled in Gurdjieff confusions and the whole thing is vitiated by his false loyalty to Gurdjieff whose enneagram and the rest of it corrupt the whole teaching he proposed. And Bennett is too loyal to protest although his thinking is beyond all that. But now generations of confused followers are condemned to the enneagram deception which is mixed in with other things and spoils the whole. We end up seeking liberation from the bum steer path to liberation.
Sadly Gurdjieff knew well that garbage would work on suckers and an immense following all over the planet repeats all these errors as gospel. The devil won this time. But you can pass on from it. If you can pull others from the wreckage do so.

Source:  The Hyparxis of The Dramatic Universe.pdf – The Gurdjieff Con

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