The fate of Christianity? (and/or Judeo-Christianity)// ‘esoteric christianity, Gurdjieff,’ and gangster religion

Having discussed buddhism’s fate we must note our larger meaning: Buddhism and the realm of yoga have begun to subtly transform the religious environment of the West.
In that sense it is surviving as something new.
And we should ask the same of Christianity, or better, Judeo-Christianity, noting that the secular age is real in the European sphere but the US is retarded with
the most stupid and base form of the Christian religion. It is still strong in the public, controlled by the capitalist Xmas fetishim, and probably doomed itself,
but likely to survive in the ‘Third World’ indefinitely.

Westerners in the era of the New Age movement have woken to the stark reality that where Hindo-Buddhism has produced thousands upon thousands of developed men
the Christian world has proven completely barren. Not a single developed individual appears to have emerged in the Christian mindset which is a deceptively confusing
theology which confounds reasoned thinking and exploits a ‘faith’ tactic to blind the victim to the conditioning process. That is a terrible verdict.
Ordinary Christians suffer this because they agree to it. Until they can snap out of the clear method of hypnosis they cannot develop.
Further world of figures such as Gurdjieff indirectly give a warning that ‘esoteric Christianity’ is a variant of a sufi mafia and in general
the ‘religion is a form of social mindcontrol
Is Christianity doomed? Let’s hope so. The history of Christianity remains of interest.
Early Christianity and Judaism remain enigmatic and hide their own mystery. There is no chance of reviving the ‘real’ Christianity at this point.
There is no such ‘real thing’.

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