Staying away from sufis/sufism and their hidden spiritual mafia…was jesus a fascist demonic sufi con man like Gurdjieff, dunno, but he looks suspcious??
I have received a number of these essays from this source, but i tend to get impatient with the academic attempts to deal
with the Gurdjieff legacy.

The victims of these people such as Gurdjieff, Gold and Crowleiy are unknown to academic scholars and the abuse of demonic tactics
of the kind Crowley boasted off is not reckoned by such scholars.

Lets at least refer indirectly here with the quaint sermon that murder is not a spiritual option, along with ‘sacrifice’.

I would without reservation warn against these people and in general sufis and sufism. Sufism is a now corrupt spiritual
legacy that all innocent beginners should avoid. What is Sufism? If you want a spiritual path do something honest, like raja
yoga, alone. Sufism is a set of fronts for gangsters behind the pious idiocy of so-called sufis, now on Yutube proclaimed t heir love of god.Gurdjieff was strange honest and
warned people by calling himself a devil. Figures like EJ Gold are not so honest.
Further, the reactionary fascist politics of such people is invisible to the naked eye yet we have seen in the era of Trump and Bannon, that joke pardody
of Ouspensky how
these fascist trends persist and resurface. Gurdjieff is not clearly fascist, but he is so close to what happened in the period
of his public work that we must be suspicious he knew what was going but said nothing.
EJ Gopld is clearly involved with creating fascists, strange for a jew.
The sufi tradition is mostly the a completely worthless distraction and unless you are a moslem you risk being a victim of
attack as an infidel. The results are not too nice.

Gurdjieff hasn’t produced any successors or students who have arrived at anything. There is a risk in their next rebirth these successor victims will remain
enslaved and used as drones. A truly terrible fate.
The only exception I know of was a criminal: they wanted
such a person and dosed him with quicker baraka.

It is hard for them to find good fascist help these days.

It is significant Gurdjieff was unclear about the path of enlightenment. If you are not pursuing that then what are you doing?
Not that Buddhists are from of this kind of exploitation.

The classic cliche speaks of four states, evidently sleep, consciousness, self-consciousness
and ‘enlightenment’ ( a really exhausted term, perhaps).
Note the strange ambiguity of the last two stages. The world of self-conscious (actually called
consciousness in the G world) action is a strange wasteland of spiritual train wrecks.
That vase is mostly worthless in general society, a bit like the capitalist take over of
the mindfulness movement.
The idea of a disciple surrendering his will is horrible. You come to you next life
having forgotten where you stand: you can be enslaved forever.

Let note that behind sufis there is a mysterious ‘soul tradition’ known to very few sufis
and its status in unclear. Gurdjieff seems to have known of it.

But the whole game sets you up to a wild goose chase and a still more elusive

The future has to start over here and find some path that is honest.
Too much to hope for in this age.

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