The complexity of the sufi con

A sufi path, no such thing. It is important to be wary of the con here, apart from the pseudo-sufi amateurs who are harmless idiots.
The game is to attract a ‘student’ or students, call them students of disciples, demand surrender of the will, and then in a space of time dismiss them or let them move on and then when the connectioni seems lost, invultuate and susbject them to slavery hypnosis, even across lifetimes and rebirths, for those conmen who master the occult. Noone can help because there is no longer any visible connection. and the isolated ‘student can be destroyed at the ‘sheik’s’ leisure, the perfect crime.
Moral: Never be a disciple. Never. Stay away from sufis altogether and ditto finally for guurs of any kind, hindus etc… Note that not being a moslem means you deserve all you get. Figures like Gurdjieff and EJ Gold can be doubly complicated and are deadly occultists, up to a point.
But the con can work with the so-called sheiks as fronts for the real villains who never appear in public to his students.

I have received a number of these essays from this source, but i tend to get impatient with the academic attempts to deal with the Gurdjieff legacy. The victims of these people such as Gurdjieff, G…

Source: Staying away from sufis/sufism and their hidden spiritual mafia…was jesus a fascist demonic sufi con man like Gurdjieff, dunno, but he looks suspcious?? – The Gurdjieff Con

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