An email exchange: asked about a reference to a global cabal against democracy

I got the first dose of the Pfizer. The issue here is to vaccinate over at least eighty percent
to try for herd immunity, and to stop new mutations that will spread and generate one that will
defeat previous vaccinations, a disaster..


Your question about a cabal.. We are treading  just by and by conspiracy theories. but some conspiracies we suspect are real.

The cabal is a conjecture but we can see one aspect in people like Putin who have been
attacking the US for years. There are many who want to do the same: Modi in India,
Erdogan in Turkey. The cabal aspect for me was the hidden rise of fascism in the last forty years:
I saw the start in the New Age movement. in the seventies. I noted for you the strange interest in fascism
by Rajneesh that I spoke to you about. Rajneesh generated devoted followers, but few realized his hatred of democracy.
So I don’t know but I have noted in several books the rumor that the Buddhist sangha, not the outer cult,
was suspected and accused by Rajneesh of esoteric fascism. Something strange happened in the period
at the end of the nineteenth century (Gurdjieff/Blavatsky time-frame)
We are missing most of the hidden stuff. There is a void in our knowledge

 but tantric fascism is in fact real, a religious horror.
The whole Trump era was misleading.> he was a complete idiot but he had
a strategy that was clearly crypto-fascist. People denied that since he was a total
dumbhead and no Hitler But that misses the point that he left behind a new far-right
with the elements of fascism just below the surface.
I often thought he was a drone under hypnosis. And his connection to Russia is highly odd. There is a far-right philosopher called Dugin who
seems to advise Putin. And then there was Grurjdieff and Ouspensky. Ouspensky was a total reactionary.
And, look closely, Bannon the Trump sidekick was trying to realize some of Ouspensky: the reinvention of caste systems.
Look up the recent book about him. Trump is easy to make fun of but he had an uncanny way of planting the seeds of fascism
what coming off as an idiot. He was too dumb to pull that off, but he did, and the menace is still there, and growing.  To laugh at Trump misses the point. He was no Hitler, obviously, but his idiot disguise worked just as well.

We often forget who Hitler was: he wanted exterminate jews, yes, but also Christians,and to destroy modernity. He said so
many times, but he also dissembled. No one knew anything about the Holocaust before it started, not even most of his
gang. It suddenly happened and the whole t thing was barely noticed at first. Nobody knew in the early twenties (the real start for Hitler)
anything about his genocidal thinking. I may stand corrected here in part, but Hitler had a clever mask for many as a sort of Keynesian savior
who broke out of the Great Depression. An idiotic way of thinking, in hindsight.

None of this makes any sense unless we are actually talking about forms of occultism. For secular humanists (and I consider myself to be one but after my own fashion. Are discussing occultism. Ask me no questions, tell yo no lies.


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