Gurdjieff: theorist of fascism? The Gurdjieff work as the prefiguration of the concentration camp

In looking at the occult aspects of fascism, fascist esoteric tantra and tantric fascism I have often exempted Gurdjieff as no more than a fellow traveler but the reality is that he is actually a kind of philosopher of fascism, concealed behind a veil.

All the elements fit into the picture: the ‘work’, a strange notion present in no other traditions save as a side term in sufism, perhaps.

But the ‘work’ is really an attempt to project in disguise t;he idea of the concentration camp and the production of death energy through mass torture.

Man is to be deprived of his modernity, and put to work in slave camps where the human entity becomes a factory of extractive ‘conscious’ energies in the  near death state.

It could have sufis sources in those hidden sufi fascists who generate ‘torture baraka’ in the hapless victims captured by mystical slogans.

But Gurdjieff is present at all crucial points in the emergence of fascism in the 19th century and is clearly aware of what is going to happen as early as the teens and the period with Ouspenksy. Gurdjieff was too clever to expose himself and used Ouspenksy to prepare field of phony spiritual categories. After that Ouspensky was cashiered and then in his next life subject to gruesome torments.

That’s a warning: trap the victims in a first life of esoteric junk then track him down in his next rebirth for ‘death through the work’.

more, soon…

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