Historical materialism makes occult sitting ducks of marxists…

We have been supporters of socialism but I think it is important to expose the dangers to the left of the new Right movemen, the vast majority hopelss idiotss, to be sure.. Figures like Gurdjieff and imitators such as EJ Gold show the dangers of ideologies like Marxism based on reductionist scientism and its blanket rejection of all ‘spiritual’, ‘occult’, religious, and strangely anything that smacks of idealism, Hegel, spirit and last but not lest, yikes, God!

The new right is 99% idiots and a remainder of insidious political ‘very black ops’ and their operators and the end result just might the drone capture of key leftists followed by the direction of the left by ‘formerlies’ in the pocket of dark figures, and I am not referring to figures like Dugin, although he appears aware of this dimension (and warns Putin).Need more information, too bad. Go read the tale of Frodo the Hobbit.

We touched on this here in terms of Ouspensky’s influence on this new right and figures like Bannon now obsessed with the Kali Yuga, and the laws of castes.

Was Stalin a drone p;rogrammed to destroy the left and make the Bolshevik experiment fail.

I don’t know and it isn’t my question, but I pass it on form the Whisper Zone. What are you talking about. Cite references, define programmed. The problem here is the impossibility of getting correct information. The Manchurian Candidate seems to understand but (as far as I know) is is all Hollywood. That’s not the way it works.






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