Christians/jews, moslems blind to gnostic/sufi mafia in their midst…a field day for occult crime

The legacy of Gurdjieff has spawned super dangerous imitators  like E J Gold and that in the context of the sudden movement of sufism to the ‘west’. It was always present, to be sure, but the real history is hard to decipher. Check out sufism on YouTube and the super-pious theism they proclaim with sufism as a form of Islam, that’s a sick joke. But thee are millions of innocent sufis in the Islamic sphere, so our warnings are in part limited. Dark side sufis are nihilists in Islamic dress…In a way Christians were fortunate: they drove out the gnostics early on, while the whole sufi mafia in Islam, now spreading into Christian/secular countries like the US, confronts oblivious persons innocent of occult operators. Christianity offered a kind of protection here, but that was mostly safety in numbers.

The figure of EJ Gold is malevolent behind his fronts and in general the ‘sufi’ slave markets ensnare a whole range of victims become drones in their next lives, oblivious to their spiritual slavery.  Gold seems to be out front, check out his book Sacrifices, a typical piece of his rubbish books. So what does that mean? Pity the victims. He constantly deal with new groups of people, for a short period, and then they disperse as they become victims later on, long after anyone remembers they had contact with sufis.  It is very rare for anyone to be a comprehensive occultist, but there is a surprise here: ‘demons’ have full ranges of occult powers,  encountered as ”ghostly’ mirages. ???? You’re mad?? Was Gautama mad as to the demon Mara?  In a way to hypostatize such entities is a mistake, for beginners.

Travel alone here, and NEVER become a disciple of any kind of sufi, even if he seems pious or harmless: once you cross the boundary you become the object of unseen background gold/ types who can be dangerous.

Never become a disciple of anyone. period. NEVER. not even Jesus Christ, the original ambiguous gnostic.But Jesus was no doubt unique in his own way. We know almost nothing about him. But anyone peddling miracles in public is suspect. But who knows the facts here. Gurdjieff often sounded a warning, and to have called his ‘teaching’ esoteric christianity’ was a give away.

Gurdjieff was in my opinion just outside the rise of fascism, but followed it closely. His disciple Ouspensky was an ultra-reactionary. Americans have just had a strong dose of all this, with Trump as idiot front.

I suspect, especially after Rajneesh denounced the Buddhists as creators of the drone Hitler, the second deep layer of the current fascist trend to be connected with these gnostic mafias. Rajneesh expressed total hatred of democracy and gives the game away.

Source: Staying away from sufis/sufism and their hidden spiritual mafia…was jesus a fascist demonic sufi con man like Gurdjieff, dunno, but he looks suspcious?? – The Gurdjieff Con

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