EJ Gold the most sadistic, crypto genocidal fascist of the gurus: in the legacy of Gurdjieff

The world of sufism is hopelessly confusiong and most disinfo. No serious history of the subject exists, while the Gurdjieff angle in retrospect shows proto-fascist elements emerging in a form never seen in traditional legacies.

Who would have thought at Buddhists would seed fascism, or that jewish sufis would indirectly laud genocide.

It is a puzzle that took many by surprise, to way the least, and they were lucky to have stumbled on the truth in a field of pious and guru subservient idiots.

I think that Gurdjieff should have been seen from the start as what Ouspensky belated realized: as a criminal.

Watching this world, we caution you should never enter if that is not obvious already.

The connection to Islam is dangerous to consider at a time when islamophobia is a real prejudice. But the issue is not isalm but occult fascism and kind of ‘evil’ psychology so ironically exposed/praised by Nietsche who suddenly appeared so strangely in synchrony with Gurdjieff and proto-buddhist fascists.

The whole esoteric spectrum has been polluted beyond repair: consider the subtle perversion suggested indirectly in Gurdjieff: conscious labors and intentional suffering: the work, suffering as a work method, infllicing psychological insanisty on disciples, experimenting with disciples,  There people were pioneering fascist monstrosity and the outcomes fulfilled their perverted version of sufism (if sufism in any way at all).

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