Problems with new age gurus and paths ( a long list growing longer day by day)

Guruism via Hinduism has a long tradition which probably sources in the Neolithic and had died many deaths. The figure Danielou, despite a number of problems, has some useful accounts of this ‘primordial Shaivism’. We have no idea what the original(s) was/were. In addition the legacy is influenced/mediated/ by the much later sufi sources with results that are often pernicious. Sufism no doubt has precursors themselves ancient as Gurdjieff tried to make clear (by making totally unclear and deliberately sowing disinfo) and Jesus (Christ) is a suspicious candidate. If so, be wary: the model would resemble the dark side Gurdjieff who confesses he is a demon. No doubt there. Jesus Christ would thus be a spiritual dark side gangster like Gurdjieff. But maybe his basic stance was relatively benign on the surface. We hardly know who he was.

All our criticisms apply as well to Christianity which is almost a parody of a real religion.

Note: hypothesis: only demons master the occult knowledge needed to survive the war of gurus et al??? Everyone else is fodder. Check out the Faust myth. Christianity promises salvation for humble lambs, bull shit. But it correctly points to non-demonic paths, maybe, but vitiated by false theology and misleading sentimentality and the religious crap of the popes and priests. The Reformation was in revolt and after a century of violence, succeeded only to yield at once to dissolution in the Enlightenment.

The original Christianity floundered in trying to resolve the ‘god’ concept, and in the doctrine of the trinity we see the attempt to use Indic Samkhya as a framework for a more intelligent theism than the degraded pop theism of jews and Christians, and later moslems, although Islam desperately tried to correct the hopeless muddle of Christian theology.

Cf our text, Samkhya, Ancient and Modern.

Conclusion: Jesus Christ is NOT your personal savior, never heard of you and might do a gurdjieff on you if he did. His memetic portrait with lambs is a key expose: Christians as mutton.

Gurdjieff produced a totally perverted legacy in the myth of the demiurgic powers and their treatment of the human species as food. There may well be ‘angelic, or devangelic entities, but the idea they are cannibals of man is typical of Gurdjieff’s attempt to use a perverted sufism to destory modernity,democracy and freedom with a new slavery.

Christianity however has a safety in numbers that is misleading: occult entities able to exploit homo sapiens are rare and by and large species populations are injected with superstitions and mostly ignored.

The idea that you will reach salvation and go to heaven upon simple conversion is bullshit.

The reality among early Christian groups is no longer known. There is something there that was lost.

The phenomenon of new age guruism in the present age has chaotified and collided with secular humanism. The latter is admittedly weak in its realization but it is at least a start for a new era. Note however that the modern transition (check out the eonic effect in WHEE and Decoding WH) is very rich in resources and secular humanists haven’t the wit to grasp any of them: a modern path is far more endowed with the blessings of time than any ashram of idiots: literatures in abundance, philosophies from Spinoza to Kant, music in a stupendous innovation from Monteverdi to Mozart/Beethoven, science in a rising tide of effects, minus the pernicious scientism and phony Darwinism, the list goes on and on. No ancient tradition can hope to match that, but admittedly the results are still up in the air. But modernity beyond the Reformation soon the Enlightenment offers nothing like an ancient spiritual path. That’s because the Enlightenment period,  in the strange pun of terms, has pressed the reset button and dismissed the ghost spiritualities of antiquity. Modernity is still barely underway, so who knows. I never understood Advaita until I read Kant, and Schopenhauer shows how a modern path can emerge out of that.

The flood of new agism and guruism is a reactionary phenomenon (along with an historical tourist voyage) and that seems literally so: the ‘guru’ jerk off Rajneesh blew the whistle on Buddhists as proto-nazis who seeded modern fascism and created their doppelganger Hitler??? true? the methods of hypnosis (note Gurdjieff hinted at this) are hidden and vast and could easily manufacture a HItler, or a Trump.

These ‘new age’ formations are old age hasbeens and wish to destroy the modern world, its freedoms and individuality. The legacy of ego transcendence and/or destruction has lost its integrity and turned into an excuse for spiritual murder.

Through all this we might note that ‘raja yoga’ is primordial belongs to no Hindu cult and can with judicious re-translation of terms be taken as a hint of something ancient. But the subject has suffered mechanization and out of tens of thousands of new ages explorers has produced almost no result (contradict that if you have evidence): you must translate the subject beyond its ancient cliches and underspecification.  But the texts of raja yoga are clear hodgepodge in two sections: yama/niyama and dharana, dhyana, samadhi and echo something potentially usable. Yama/niyama arise as interpolations because of the obvious way that criminals can be ambitious for spiritual power and just might succeed, as per the Gurdjieffs.

Secular humanists in similar fashion stumble into sufism as a charming way station, only to fall into the trap of rogue sufis behind the veil of pious Islam who make a sort of ‘torture baraka’ of such suckers. Spiritual murder and sacrifice are the dark side of all these ‘paths’.  As Aleister Crowley pointed out.

The potential of a modern path was squandered by Crowley et al and his Do What Thou Wilt person of the inherent mystery of the human will which no path, religion, or guru has ever make clear.

The human frame in Samkhya shows a cascade of triads: o, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, (96).

The real potential for man who is trapped at level 48 is that the path of the self: level 24, and the path of individuality, at level 12, the higher modes remaining a mystery.  No paths exist that can realize any of this anymore although they can’t be that hard.

As we criticize paths we should also criticize modern ideological hypnosis, too often the result of capitalism and the nascent and botched path to socialism of the Marx stream. Marx was a dogmatic authoritarian who usruped the original socialism for his cult that produced the disaster of Bolshevism. But expropriating the expropriators can lead to confiscating the core of what Marx go right for a new and future socialism.

Note that new age gurus never praise socialism adopt a crypto-capitalist business model: the guru game a la Rajneesh is hugely profitable in its modern form (which never existed in antiquity).

After almost two generations of new age movements (or more if we start with Blavatsky/Gurdjieff et al) we see almost no results (as far as I know). and a virtual feast on disciple dupes and naive beginners kidnapped and destined to slavery in future lives to the demon gurus who ensnared them in the name of some fictitious path.

I have read a dozen books on Advaita, a waste of time save as historical research but suddenly understood the original meaning reading Kant, and then Schopenhauer.

Just as Christianity underwent a Reformation (which in reality started the dissolution of that religion) so the New Age movement must become a reformation of ancient legacies which are toxic horrors in their return to fascism in the modern case.

A moment of silence for the innocent dupes lured into guru allegiance and hidden away as drone slaves for endless lives to the deadghost gurus who feed on their spirits. Not kidding, boys and girls: there is a book on the subject: Spiritual Cannibalism by ? Rudrananda, and his ‘guru’ the super Vampire Da Free John.

Be finished with the whole filthy mess, jesus christ included.

to be continued.

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