Gold/Gurdjieff/(Crowley) and magical murder

For centuries jews were falsely accused of murder, sacrifice and all sorts of absurd charges.

Now in the twentieth-first century we have EJ Gold, under the cover of sufism, and the crypto-fascist Gurdjieff ‘work’ actually inventing the game that never existed and (actually also in a tactic taken from the world of Aleister Crowley) indulging in human sacrifice by ritual magic and occult ‘telekinetic’ black magic, constantly using spiritual rape on former disciples isolated from and further contact of his ashram, select victims behind the cover of adoring disciples. Crowley was a big talker but incompetent, but shark sufis just might make it a fascist pastime in the coming of the alt-right

Not a bad criminal game: dismiss accusers of antisemitism.

In the age of the zionist mafia, the reputation of jews is collapsing, this tidbit of the  won’t help much. Jews have always been innocent here.





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