the gold/gurdjieff ‘sufi’ racket…books of the dead as concealed fascist promo

update note: The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a complex legacy and isn’t supposed to be turned into an instrument of murder by rogue sufis who in fact are incapable of creating texts of any use for a so-called spiritual path. Gold’s idiocy would claim that ordinary temporal life is really a bardo, and leads to the death cult of the vampire sufis like Gold .Gold plays this theme over and over and over because he has no real teaching beyond a few cliches turned into stand  up comedy dullness.. Having said this it is rumored (cf. Rajneesh) that Buddhists were involved in the early fascism of the nineteenth to twentieth century and the abuse of the Tibetan Book of the Dead may have started there, or earlier, long ago. Don’t be conned here: such Buddhists, and most sufis have no real spiritual paths.People like Gold create fake paths to get people entangled and then undermine them deliberately, sometimes saying it is all a bardo when the reality is hidden exploitation.

Original post:

Gold is one of the most sadistic and malevolent pseudo-sufis in the new age market. Behind a zany new age front lies the Gurdjieff racket with its spiritual cannibalism, black magic, fascism, spiritual slavery memes, and lies, lies, lies. Do NOT let these people seduce you into passive control hypnosis. Sufism has been dead for centuries. Don’t buy it. Look at Gold’s books, some of the dumbest junk ever: he has the talents of a stand up comedian that he can use to fake higher consciousness. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a classic buddist tradition. Gold wiseacres its legacy to produce his sweet delicacy, death energy and a deeper meme of personality assassination, what to say of fascist mass murder. This sufi school has been promoted fascism behind the scenes for decades. In the age of Trump we see the results.  / this post was a comment at this youtube video, but was removed.

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