Creating a real path for the future, …

It may be that as the New Age movement and its gurus pass away a new yoga will arise in a new tradition. The advaita has become a sick joke. There is a simple way to concoct one as a trial passage: invoke the old tradition beyond classical yogas, the assumption that raja yoga (which may be an attempt to vie with buddhists) tokens one of the most ancient forms. in Epstein’s perpetual Bacchanalia, are not in court.

Archaic, dull, cliched raja yoga (and or a Buddhist version). Success seems rare, but that is misleading. It is a dead duck, but can resurrect. Raja yoga is a mechanical recipe and recipes are mechanical and don’t lead to consciousness but the form is also openended and the recipe and be creatively infused. But note the point. A recipe is mechanical but it can be a start.

Totally change the labels. Disguise its tactical steps, Substitute Kantian ethics for yama. Distill the point and discard the form Take it up in secret. Stay completely away from gurus (ironically in the internet age you can research hundreds very quickly, anonymously. You don’t ever want the freebies they offer some as shaktipat bullshit. No Faustian bargains with guru devils. The point is clearer with a figure like Gurdjieff who is honestly a demon. That’s not your way. If the advaita gurus catch you meditating they attack you.

Be wary of yoga psychology.You just said goodbye to that world. And it is worth realizing the factor of will, ‘free will, Not just cessation of will, etc…

Explore meditation.Skip hatha yoga, say goodbye to that. it is too conspicuous. The past generation has destroyed hatha yoga, forget it. Use two forms of mediation: plain sitting in a chair and /or an ultra simple lotus position: change the names, cross-legged sitting. Determine your meditation body’s limits. Two to seven hours. Or one if you start feeling pain. Chair mediation is not so romantic but it is a valid and can be done for long periods. You can do thirty minutes an hour for seven to plus many hours. And sitting in a chair you can meditate for whole days. But the default is simple walking and paying attention. The issue is concentration, meditation, and factor X, turiya, samadhi, etc… who knows, discard those terms and never use them again. Sitting positions must be comfortable. . Meditate while counting breaths, up to sixty/seventy in five minutes as a beginner to find breathing rate. You can develop thus a clock, your average breath rate over one to five minutes. Skip pranayama. Slowly develop concentration and more intelligent breathing. Some can can breathe five times a minute via the stomach, But if you have bad lungs, huff and puff, sixty breaths on your clock.

You can be invisible to the public, but the dead gurus will find you sooner or later. It is a Kantian issue: you can’t do a metaphysics of ghosts but you often sense ‘demonic’ forms, don’t let them take over your will, or if they do, meditate your way out. Be wary of beliefs here: delusions are entirely avoidable, consider Kant’s challenge in Visio ns of a Ghostseer. You cannot create knowledge of such things. It is dangerous to give them names. Such encounters are delusive and common sense should reign, But you have no friends there. The demon Mara was Buddha’s version, nonsense but with a point. We have to wonder if Gautama’s was a pyrrhic victory. The battle of the HIndus and Buddhists is sad, You must leave all that behind.

This points directly to the most ancient legacy. But it is p;assing beyond,. The world from the Upanishads to Buddha is dead, a fallen world controlled by hidden entities. Goodbye to all that. The fascist factor destroyed the New Age movement. It is dead. But the schematic of the original paths can be deduced from raja yoga, and/or the eightfold way.

Those area deadly entities as you encounter them, controlled. Slip away changing the labels. This resembles what the Buddha did. Don’t be his imitator and keep in mind that Mahayana destroyed the ‘path’ and created something else. Steer well clear of it. The boddisattwas made good fascists: not allowed to reach enlightenment makes a man vicious.

The above is very arduous, or so it seems. Start with simpler versions. Make it simple to start.

3 thoughts on “Creating a real path for the future, …

  1. Some good advice here…altho I would never attempt such long periods of ‘meditation.’ Maybe 30 mins max for a start…I like your suggestion of walking!
    For you Gurdjieff was a demon – but you were affected by Goldberb? I spent time with someone who knew Gurdjieff in Paris and found them to be kind and helpful. So be it.


    1. If you are a Gurdjieff fan, then I must wonder if you are a fascist?

      Knudge: this blog expresses implacable emnity to Gurdjieff and his demonic ways. This is not the Gurdjieff buddy system here. You can’t comment here on what a nice guy Gurdjieff is/was in the middle of a war. You will be taken as an enemy.
      Gurdjieff and the circles he ran in and/or that he knew about was an evil force that spread fascism.
      I once noted who I was. Believe that or not I share Ouspensky’s reaction to Gurdjieff, that he was a criminal, and worse.


  2. Meditation and mindfulness have been wrecked in our time. The case of Gautama is significant; meditation twenty four hours a day for months! Meditation and mindfulness have been deliberately toned down and misdefined and are a waste of time.


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